Matthew Kaplowitz

Matthew Kaplowitz is a contributing writer for Fatherly. He unironically loves Bluey as much as Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Pro Wrestling, and all things geeky.

Matthew runs the YouTube channel Nerd News Today, which has covered pop culture, comics, toys, and tech reviews since 2011. He is also the host and producer of the Trek Untold podcast, chatting with contributors to the Star Trek universe ranging from actors, writers, directors, stunt performers, behind-the-scenes crew, and many others. Either in person or on his podcast, he has interviewed countless celebrities across the fandom multiverse.

Matthew is Fatherly’s resident Bluey expert and probably knows more about the motivations of each character than anyone on the planet. He never slips on his beans and knows coconuts have water inside them.

An accomplished host and in frequent demand at various pop culture conventions, Matthew's diverse knowledge of nerdoms is unparalleled. His writing often examines these pieces of fiction through a highly analytical or historical lens, but also enjoys top ten lists as much as scholastic essays. He lives by the motto “Fortune Favors the Bold,” words first heard in classic Latin epics, but made most effective by Deep Space Nine’s Captain Sisko.

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