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How To Legally Watch Bluey In The US Without Disney Plus

Other than reenacting episodes from memory, there are non-streaming ways for families to get that Bluey fix.

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Disney/ ABC
The Fatherly Guide to Bluey

The popularity of Bluey isn’t just a global phenomenon, it’s now a way of life. Recently the official Bluey social media pages announced Bluey was streamed for over a BILLION minutes in just seven days! And yet, with many families worried about the cost of streaming platforms, and new policies with password sharing, there’s a chance that not everyone will keep watching Bluey online.

There’s no doubt Disney+ was a huge help in making Bluey a worldwide hit. But with the price of Disney+ more than doubling since 2019, it’s understandable why many families are considering a move away from the service. Potentially losing Bluey, one of the few shows parents and kids can watch and enjoy together, hurts just to think about, and is high on the list of reasons to keep Disneuy+ as part of your monthly bills. So, can you watch Bluey without Disney+? Yes. Here’s a quick guide for how to do it legally in the US.

How to watch Bluey via Disney — But not Disney+

Bluey is available across the entire family of Disney branded channels, including the main Disney Channel, as well as Disney Junior. The show is running consistently day and night across these two channels, typically in blocks of mini-marathons. The sun never sets on the Bluey/ Disney empire!

If Disney is already part of your cable package, DisneyNow has you covered! This service is ready to use, pending your cable provider permitting participation in the program. This streaming platform is not the same as Disney+, instead focused on offering content specifically for kids instead of the wider library the big app has. This platform is watchable on many smart devices, streaming sticks, and desktop browsers.

Besides the type of shows available, the main difference is the price. DisneyNow is free, but supported by ads, as opposed to Disney+ where ads can be removed based on the paid subscription plan. Consider DisneyNow a bonus benefit for being a subscriber to the channels with your cable TV package!

Bluey on-demand

Bluey isn’t available to stream on Netflix or Hulu, but the Heelers can be digitally rented or purchased on Amazon and Vudu. The show is also streaming through DirecTV, Spectrum, and FuboTV. You can also download it to your smart device or desktop through Apple, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store.

The official Bluey YouTube Page. Don’t be fooled by bootlegs!

Disney/ ABC

Don’t feel like spending money to watch Bluey? Head over to the official Bluey YouTube page, which has no paywall and includes daily streams of thematically connected episodes, as well as some full episodes and clips. Don’t overlook their Shorts either, including this great version of the Cat Squad theme played by the entire Bluey staff! Just make sure you stick to the official page, as there are some peculiar knock-offs of this show which are definitely not wholesome or kid friendly.

Bluey isn’t on Blu-ray — But There Are Bluey DVDs

For those who prefer owning something more tangible, the first two seasons of Bluey are available on DVD, with no Blu-Ray version at the time of publishing.

This includes all of the episodes, and when we say all – we mean that! Some episodes of Bluey were censored or removed altogether when they were imported from Australia to Disney. The DVDs have none of those problems, and while some episodes still have a few edits to them, the entire lineup of both seasons is watchable (including the infamous “Dad Baby” which is unlikely to ever see the light of day in America).

The third season of Bluey is currently wrapping up in Australia, and a fourth could be a very long time away while the crew takes a well-deserved break. While there’s no official word on a season three set yet, it could hypothetically see a release at some point in 2024, hopefully with Blu-Ray as an option by then, as well.

Fatherly will update this article as new options are added, and others are removed.

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