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There's A Bluey Xbox — But You're Gonna Need To Get Lucky To Snag One

This will be one of the rarest consoles ever made, but winning it is slightly easier than you might think

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This custom Bluey Xbox and controller is as rare as it gets, and it could be yours!
Matthew Kaplowitz/ Fatherly
The Fatherly Guide to Bluey

Being as popular as Bluey has become, it’s nearly impossible to not find her face popping up in unexpected ways. There’s the typical merchandise like toys and games, but this lovable Blue Heeler from the Disney+ animated hit is appearing in the unlikeliest of places. From fruit snacks to housewares, it won’t be long before Bluey and her family gets their own fast food chain (“Yes, I’d like a small Duck Cake with that Curried Sausage combo, please”).

On November 20, Bluey: The Videogame arrived in stores, marking the first-ever console game for this Australian character. We had a great time playing it and suggested it’s worth trying for your family. Today, Bluey has just upped her game - figuratively - by being part of an official custom Xbox design. If it wasn’t for that recently released game, a pairing like this would be baffling, but even with that - it’s still a strange piece of merch! This will be one of the rarest Bluey products ever released, as well as one of the most unique, and we have the details on how you can try and get your hands on one.

The custom Bluey Xbox is real, and it’s beautiful!

Matthew Kaplowitz/ Fatherly

Xbox sent Fatherly one of these custom consoles to show our readers, and even Romeo McFlourish would be taken aback by it! It’s freaking awesome.

The system is an Xbox Series X, which is the more powerful of the two current-gen Microsoft consoles. It’s no different than any Series X system as far as hardware and specs, but it’s arguably one of the most peculiar designs ever placed on a console. This might be the first time an iconic children’s cartoon character has been officially part of a system since Pikachu was on a Nintendo 64!

The design wraps around the console, with Bluey’s face on the front, her arms on each side, and dual Bluey: The Videogame logos on the left and right. It’s odd how well this rectangle works for her, but to be fair, all of the Heelers and other characters are pretty boxy so fitting on an Xbox isn’t much of a stretch.

The custom Bluey Xbox Controller

Matthew Kaplowitz/ Fatherly

The custom controller comes in the same color as Bluey’s fur pattern, with that signature sky blue for the body, while the bumpers, joysticks, and D-pad feature the darker parts of her markings. Bluey and Bingo are on opposite sides of the handles, adorably flossing till they can floss no more! Unofficially, I know the bumpers are the same as any Xbox controller, but they almost look like Bluey’s ears when you see them up close.

How to get the Bluey Xbox

Here’s the hard truth: You can’t buy this. At all. Both of these Bluey items are exclusive to the sole winner of a contest that Xbox is running. Neither the console nor the controller will be sold online or in stores, and there’s only one available to that grand champion. On the bright side, the way to get it requires the most minimal amount of effort, so little that even a Granny could do it without slipping on her beans.

All it requires is having a Twitter (X) account, then following Xbox and retweeting one of their official promotional tweets containing #BlueyXboxSweepstakes such as this post here before the contest ends. Entrants can do this once per person, meaning no duplicate accounts are allowed. You can read all of the fine print on their official rules page.

If you want a closer look at the Bluey Xbox and controller, take a look at this video

The sweepstakes started on November 28, and the entry period concludes at 8:00 p.m. PT on December 13, 2023.

The stakes are higher than “Pass the Parcel” using Lucky’s Dad’s rules, but it doesn’t require jumping through too many hoops to try to win this very special console. Make sure not to miss your chance or you’ll be screaming a lot of phrases besides “Oh, Biscuits!”

Bluey: The Videogame is available on Xbox X/S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5.

While this product was sent to Fatherly for our consideration, this post is not sponsored by Microsoft, Xbox, or Twitter.

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