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The Most Googled Bluey Questions Will Blow Your Mind

Think you know Bluey? Think again.

Bandit with a checklist in 'Bluey.'
The Fatherly Guide to Bluey

We don’t need to tell you that Bluey is a big deal. But, we’re not the only ones obsessed with Bluey — the entire world is, too. And, with so many eyes on the Heeler family — and the fans waiting for Australia to bring us more new episodes — the downtime allows viewers to dive deeper into the world of Bluey. This has meant some truly wackadoo queries in Google’s search history!

Whether they’re a true blue fan who’s been with it from the start or newcomers to the series, Bluey watchers have a lot of questions. These questions range from practical inquiries to gonzo fan theories, but many of them share similar themes. Fatherly scoured these search engines to discover what were the most frequently asked questions about Bluey, aiming to provide answers and debunk some of the misinformation out there about this wonderful show. It’s odd to consider how much of Bluey is wrapped up in mystery — with topics open for interpretation, and occasionally being controversial — but this list of the most Googled Bluey questions should clear things up and answer many of the questions that so many fans want to know.

Is Bluey A Girl?

No matter where Bluey is searched for, this question is at the top of the list, along with “Why does Bluey look like a boy?” Bluey is a girl, and so is her sister, Bingo. The color choice is based on their breed, which doesn’t follow gender-biased fur patterns that some humans still cling to.

The creator of the series, Joe Brumm, is the father of two girls, and the show is heavily influenced by his experiences raising them. As a dad, Brumm knows any child can like any color they choose, and that’s perfectly fine. Obviously, thinking that blue is a “boy’s color,” is nuts.

What kind of dog is Bluey?

Bluey, along with her entire family, are Blue Heelers. These are a type of herding dog from Australia, typically called Cattle Dogs (or for those outside of The Land Down Under, Australian Cattle Dogs). Their fur is primarily blue or red, with white hairs mixed into them.

Why was Bluey censored?

A season of Bluey has not gone by without it being challenged, censored, or even sometimes banned across different countries. Often, it has to do with what’s acceptable according to the standards and practices of each nation the show airs, but the series even had questionable material censored in its own Australian backyard.

Fatherly has a comprehensive list with all of the banned and censored Bluey episodes, so if you want to learn more about those, head over to the link above to check them out.

What do Bandit and Chilli do for a living?

Anyone who watches Bluey for the first time for more than a few episodes starts to wonder – how the heck do the parents afford that huge house?

Bandit, the dad, is an archaeologist, while mum Chilli works for airport security. These are very dog-appropriate jobs, as one is digging up bones while the other is sniffing for things that shouldn’t come in and out of the country.

Bandit comforts Chilli during “The Show,” a moment that started fans to question if the Heeler mum had a miscarriage before Bluey and Bingo.

Disney/ ABC

Did Chilli have a miscarriage?

This question, as well as “Is Bluey a Rainbow Baby?” are commonly searched by viewers. All signs point that the answer to this query as a yes.

Speculation about this began in the episode “The Show” from Season 2, when Bingo pretends to be a pregnant version of her mum with a balloon for her baby belly. When the balloon unexpectedly pops, Chilli’s expression changes from joy to sorrow, and Bandit takes her hand to offer his wife support.

This fan theory was later confirmed by Joe Brumm to be accurate, and the story of the Heeler family’s struggles with fertility was continued in season three’s “Onesies,” where it was implied Chilli’s sister Brandy has been unsuccessful in having a child of her own.

Does Bluey have a medical diagnosis?

There’s a surprising number of questions on Google asking if Bluey has ADHD, Autism, and other diagnoses. As far as we know, Bluey hasn’t been revealed to have any medical conditions.

There is some fan discussion over whether Bingo has Celiac disease, based on her stay in the hospital during “Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound,” and how several subsequent episodes spotlight the parents buying gluten-free foods which primarily are being eaten by only one of the kids.

The only child who we currently know is neurodivergent is Jack, who debuted in the episode “Army,” which is all about the hard times he has fitting in due to the way his brain interprets the world around him. After Rusty befriends him, the two go on all sorts of adventures in later episodes, with Jack feeling more confident about who he is and the ways he plays with his buddies.

Does Bluey have a middle name?

Bluey’s middle name was revealed in season three’s “Family Meeting,” when Chilli calls her by her full name of “Bluey Christine Heeler” after learning her daughter was playing tablet games when she shouldn’t have been.

Muffin is the only other member of the Heeler family to have her middle name revealed. In the third season episode “Faceytalk,” when her dad Stripe calls her “Muffin Cupcake Heeler.” Bingo, Socks, and the parents haven’t disclosed their middle names at the time of this article being published.

We know who the person is underneath Unicorse, but who voices Bluey and Bingo?

Disney/ ABC

Who voices Bluey?

The mystery surrounding who voices Bluey is one that we won’t have an answer to for a very long time, if ever.

The crew has gone above and beyond to hide the identity of not only Bluey’s voice actor but, also the rest of the cast playing children in the series. This has been done to protect the kids from having their lives come under scrutiny through the public eye, and allowing the kids to just be kids.

What we do know is real children are providing the voices for these pups, and the studio is doing its best not to recast as they age until they absolutely have to. As their current crop grows, Ludo has already begun to electronically alter their voices to keep their cast active, but that strategy may have diminishing returns as the seasons continue.

Although the kids remain confidential, Bluey is proud of their celebrity cameos, and you wouldn’t believe some of the actors you’ve heard on the show that you probably didn’t even realize were on it!

Why does Bluey make me cry?

This one hurts to even answer! Many adults who check out Bluey, whether or not they have kids of their own, arrive unprepared for the emotions they’re about to experience. Bluey loves to hit viewers in the feel, and mature viewers are often chatting on Facebook or Reddit to commiserate with people their own age about it.

There’s a lot of tear-jerkers throughout the series, but the primary culprits tend to be “Sleepytime,” “Onesies,” “Baby Race,” and Grandad.” Everyone has their own reasons for why these and other episodes stir their feelings, but the good news is the waterworks are normal, and you’re not alone. Bluey is all about inspiring creativity and openness with yourself and your kids (if you have any), so feel those feelings and don’t be mad about it.

Oh, and by the way, season three still has more new episodes on the way, so get the tissues ready for that batch!

Why does Bluey say “for real life?”

Whenever Bluey believes something is too good to be true, she exclaims “For real life!” While this doesn’t appear to be Australian slang, it’s just a thing she says to show her excitement for something.

There is plenty of other Australian terminology used in the show, including “Wackadoo” (which means wacky fun) and “Dunny” (toilet). The one that often confuses people the most is from season three’s “Turtleboy,” when Dad tells Bingo that taking home the plush toy on the playground that doesn’t seem to have an owner “is not the done thing.” This means it’s not socially acceptable, and shouldn’t be done.

The Heelers take a break in season three’s “Housework.” BeeeeeOOP!

Disney/ ABC

Where can I watch Bluey without Disney+?

A lot of folks search for this for any number of reasons, and Fatherly already has an article with solutions to that problem. Short answer: Buy some DVDs.

Is Bluey at Disney World?

Since Bluey is part of the Disney family of shows, many vacationers are curious if they’ll ever find the Heelers walking around Disney Land or Disney World.”

The answer, for now, is a negative. While Disney shows Bluey in the U.S., they don’t own the rights to the series. That belongs to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), meaning Disney would have to work out a licensing deal to have Bluey roaming The Magic Kingdom or any of their other theme parks. While it’s a no for now, it’s not necessarily off the table as an option in the future.

Will Bluey end?

Bluey started in 2018, but one of the most dominant questions that have been googled since then is this one, and variations of it like “Will Bluey have more seasons?”

Eventually, all good things must come to a close, but Bluey has plenty more stories to tell and as of now, is not ending after season three. We know after this third season concludes, the creators are taking a pause for themselves, but beyond that – the sky is the limit.

Bluey is available to stream on Disney+.