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Easter Bunny Tracker: Here’s the Best Online Sites and Apps For Easter

Here's how to track down that bunny.

Where’s that Easter bunny? Are they close by? Here’s everything you need to know about the Easter Bunny Tracker.

Some parents indulge in the fantastical legends we tell our kids more than others. The parents that put out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve, making sure creep out in the middle of the night to eat at least a few to make it seem like Saint Nicholas himself got his fair share; and the parents who covertly slide a crisp bill under their kid’s pillow the night they lose a tooth, sacrificing all credit to the imagined Tooth Fairy.  But the Easter Bunny is a little trickier: there’s no Easter Sunday ritual that gives much prominence to the Easter Bunny. After decorating eggs as a family, few parents put in extra to to make it seem like anyone other than themselves scattered them around the backyard to be scavenged. But the Easter Bunny Tracker, a downloadable app and website, adds magic to the Spring holiday by allowing kids to track the Easter Bunny in real-time starting on Easter Eve.

How Does the Easter Bunny Tracker Work?

The tracker will tell users the precise location of the Easter Bunny on an hourly basis starting at 5 p.m. E.T. on Easter Eve. According to the website, it uses a “sophisticated system” that  uses radar, satellites, and even Easter Bunny Helpers, a group of magical animals who help the Easter Bunny, akin to Santa’s reindeer. Legend has it that the Easter Bunny hails from Easter Island, from where he travels across the world gifting kids with baskets full of sweets and goodies. His most famous stops include Christmas Island and American Samoa.

Of course, those of us that don’t believe in the supernatural bunny know that the tracker’s GPS can’t be actually following the Easter Bunny’s real-life travels. But half the fun is suspending reality for a few minutes while tracking the bunny’s every move with the kids. Aside from the bunny’s exact location, users can see how many delivers he’s made, how fast he’s going, and how many carrots he’s eaten.

Easter will look a little different this year as families are still avoiding larger gatherings in response to the pandemic, which is why it’s more important than ever to infuse whimsical magic into the holiday. The Easter Bunny Tracker is the easiest way to amp up your kids’ anticipation the days leading up to the holiday, and give them something to wholeheartedly believe in, at least for a short while.

Where Can I Get the Easter Bunny Tracker?

The best and “official” Easter Bunny Tracker is right here as an app. And online here.