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The 5 Santa Trackers Worth Checking Out This Christmas

These trackers will help your kids keep a closer eye on Santa and Rudolph this year.


Thinking about Santa Claus isn’t abstract for contemporary kids. It’s not like when you were a kid and would look out the window in hopes that you would see Santa’s sleigh fly by like a shooting star. These days you can keep fictional tabs on the interdimensional gift-giving bearded one through all sorts apps and stuff online. And even though Christmas Eve is the big night for Santa tracking, you can start tracking the man right now.

Here are the five best Santa trackers available for parents and kids right now.

5. Santa Update

This North Pole news website proves daily Santa updates in September. If your kids just want to know what’s happening in the workshop, they can get all of the info they want to know. On December 23rd and 24th, obviously, this news network is super busy. They partner with Kringle Radio to bring you 50 hours of Santa updates. The newscasters pop in every 15 minutes to give you and your kids an update on Santa’s coordinates and where he’s headed next. For the benefit of parents, Santa Update also gives bedtime warnings when Santa is beginning to approach your area of the country.

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4. Where is Santa?

This app is more focused on Santa’s exact location. This radar displays your location and calculates exactly how long it’s going to take for Santa to get to you. You can track his every movement even when it isn’t Christmas Eve. The app is such a success because of the millions of Santa tracking stations all over the globe.

3. Santa Video Call and Tracker

This app is available on both iOS and Android. Leading up to Christmas, you can help your child input their info into the app and set up personalized video calls with Santa. The North Pole Command Center makes sure Santa knows your child’s name and whether they’re on the naughty or nice list. On Christmas Eve, the app will allow you to explore a 3D globe where you can zoom in and out on Santa’s location. It’ll also show the percentage of presents that Santa has delivered.

2. Google’s Santa Tracker

Of course, Google has its own Santa Tracker that you can access on its website or via an Android app. You can even call Santa through your Google Assistant if you have one. Your kids can play games, takes quizzes, explore special emojis and learn about holiday traditions. And every year Google updates its tracker with plenty of new games and features to explore while you wait for tracking to go live on Christmas Eve.


The North American Aerospace Defense Command might usually be busy defending the continent, but they have an additional special task in December: tracking Santa. NORAD just launched its new website, mobile apps, and video streaming where you and your kids have access to a Santa cam. It all started in 1955 when a child accidentally dialed NORAD to ask about Santa Claus, and they’ve been on Santa duty ever since. On Christmas Eve, you can even call or text 1-877-HI-NORAD to get Santa’s exact location.