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Best Stuffed Animal Bunnies to Give Kids This Easter

Adorable, soft plushies that'll be your kid's go-to stuffed animal for years.

Few toys are as special to a kid as a big, stuffed animal. That’s because they’re not toys — they’re stuffed companions, plush partners-in-crime who understand, accompany, and comfort them. And if there was a defacto stuffed animal holiday, it’s Easter, when bunnies sit beside other Easter basket toys. If you’re searching for the right cuddly stuffed toy for a child this Easter, we’ve got you covered. While bunny preference varies, we believe the right one should be silky-soft, not too big, easy-to-wash, and durable enough to take a few bumps. Here are eight of the best stuffed bunnies for kids.

Jellycat Blossom Jasmine Bunny

Jellycat’s gorgeous, jasmine-hued plush stands a whole foot tall, making it a perfect hugging size (smaller versions are also available for younger kids) The soft and floppy Jasmine Bunny’s ears and foot pads feature a floral print on a silky material.

Buy Now $23

Build A Bear Peter Rabbit

To celebrate the recent release of the Peter Rabbit feature-length film, Build-a-Bear unveiled this soft and stylish take on the mischievous hopper. Peter Rabbit comes with his own signature jean jacket and features five phrases he says when you squeeze his paw.

Buy Now $22

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Gund Chub Bunny

Gund’s chubby bunny is clearly well-fed, which just means there’s more of it to snuggle. This rotund rabbit is super soft and machine-washable, and it’s great for boys or girls and kids at any age.

Buy Now $20

Bloom Bunny Silly Buddy

This floppy velour buddy comes with its own adorable carrot pacifier to buddy up with your own teething baby, and its long, loose arms let it tie onto a crib or stroller. Plus, it can be personalized with any three-letter name or initials.

Buy Now $15

Aurora Miyoni Baby Bunny

Aurora’s known for their high-quality plushes, and went all-out on realistic, soft fur for their Miyoni Baby Bunny. Features gorgeous air-brushed color accents and a double bagged bean-filling, the Miyoni isn’t too far off from the real thing.

Buy Now $15

Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny

Great for everything from nap-time to playtime, Melissa & Doug’s silky-soft Burrow Bunny is the perfect size for younger kids to bring with them wherever they go. Its high-quality materials are durable enough to make it last years, and the fur’s easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Buy Now $13

Hansa White Rabbit

Hansa’s lifelike plush is based off of actual portraits of rabbits in their natural habitat, and is shaped to have realistic musculature and features with incredible detail. It also comes with an educational “Toys that Teach” tag describing the bunny’s habitat, lifestyle, eating habits, and more.

Buy Now $35

Kaloo Plume Blue Rabbit Sofa

Some bunnies aren’t just made for hugging – they’re for full-on lounging. This massive, adorable rabbit sofa from Kaloo is made of supersoft cotton velvet and microfiber, and makes for a great addition to bedtime.

Buy Now $57