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The Best Stuffed Animal Bunnies and Easter Gifts

Adorable floppy-eared rabbits and Easter basket goodies that will make the holiday special this year.

This year’s Easter will be spent at home. With the coronavirus expanding its hold on communities across the nation (and the world), it’s up to all of us to try to flatten the curve by staying inside and practicing social distancing. So no more family brunches, communal Easter egg hunts, or holiday outings to church or otherwise. But parents, that doesn’t mean Easter is cancelled.

The Easter bunny can still safely travel to your house and deliver a beautiful Easter basket full of Easter gifts for the kids to find on Sunday morning. And you can and should devise the ultimate indoor Easter egg hunt. That’s a magic moment you’ll all be recalling for Easters to come.

Few Easter gifts and toys are more prized by kids than a big old floppy-eared stuffed animal. That’s because they’re not toys — they’re soft, huggable companions, plush partners-in-crime who understand, accompany, and comfort them. These stuffed bunnies and other Easter-themed toys will bring on the smiles.

The Best Stuffed Animal Bunnies

Jellycat's gorgeous, jasmine-hued plush stands a whole foot tall, making it a perfect hugging size (smaller versions are also available for younger kids) The soft and floppy Jasmine bunny's ears and foot pads feature a floral print on a silky material.

This floppy velour buddy comes with its own adorable carrot pacifier to buddy up with your own teething baby, and its long, loose arms let it tie onto a crib or stroller. Plus, it can be personalized with any three-letter name or initials.

This bunny features gorgeous air-brushed color accents and a double bagged bean-filling. It's truly cuddle-worthy.

Great for everything from nap-time to playtime, Melissa & Doug's silky-soft Burrow Bunny is the perfect size for younger kids to bring with them wherever they go. You clean the fur with a damp cloth.

Okay so this one isn't technically a bunny, but Liam the llama is too cute to resist.

Handmade from organic cotton by artisan moms, Betsy the bunny is the creme de la creme of stuffed rabbits. Besides being incredibly chic, Betsy stands 16 inches tall, making her extra cuddly.

Kids fall in love with this lovey, which is sugar and spice and everything snugly and nice. The eyes and mouth are stitched on, so there's no chance of your intrepid baby or toddler biting off or swallowing an errant button.

You'll hop along through this engaging and fun story that's fully interactive in the best sense. You can wipe this book clean, which is a good thing, because kids will be all over this Easter gift. That's thanks to its sweet storyline and textured pages.

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The Best Easter Toys and Gifts for Kids

Why did the chicken cross the road? Why, to listen to great music courtesy of this portable Bluetooth speaker.

Some Easter stories can be hokey. So let your kid create his or her own graphic novel about bunnies and chickens oh my, with this genius all-in-one kit. You'll wind up with a fully-illustrated 18-page comic book, which even includes its own page that's all about the author.

These are shaped like eggs, have toys surprises inside, and are all but guaranteed to make bathing fun. They're made with organic shea butter, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, and essential oils.

Get your Lego fan the ultimate Easter kit. This one features a henhouse with an opening door and a rooster, plus flower garden with two lamps and mailbox. And did we mention that there's a vegetable garden with a secret compartment, plus a wheelbarrow, magnifying glass, three eggs and a basket. Meaning, hours of (quiet) fun.

These are soft and huggable and feature embroidered details like Pusheen's striped tail, smile, and whiskers. OK, so these aren't technically bunny slippers. But come on! They're beyond cute and will keep his or her toes warm on those in-between spring days.

Display your decorated eggs with pride in this tree, which holds 12 of your creations. Clearly, this is meant for older, craftier kids who will spend copious amounts of time detailing those eggs. And want to showcase them with pride.

This clear umbrella, bedecked with birds, screams spring. With 47 inch dome coverage, it's windproof and will protect them from rain and breezes.

Your little ones will have a blast with this set four soft hand puppets: a cow, a horse, a sheep, and a pig. Oink!

But of course LEGO has Easter covered, with this BrickHeadz bunny featuring decorated eyes, movable ears and a detachable carrot and bucket.

If you can barely keep a synthetic plant alive, or just want to teach your kids about taking care of greenery, invest in their oh-so pretty plant, which has a self-watering system eliminates the need to worry about leaving your plants unattended. Fill the globe (in this case, a bird) with water and insert it into the soil. Voila!

This stunning sterling silver butterfly necklace is all about springtime, and we love the long 16 inch chain. Who can forget your first piece of keepsake jewelry?

We defy you to resist this nightlight, which is made from silicone, is handheld in size and changes into pretty much whatever color you want. This brilliantly colorful nightlight has a wireless remote control, which can turn it on or off, and change the hue on display. And you can pre-set the shutoff time. Bonus: It's not breakable!

Skip the mess of painting real eggs and make things easy with this all in one wooden egg decorating kit. They'll last for Easters to come.

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