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The Best Easter Baskets for Kids of All Ages: Our 2021 Picks

Your kids will keep using these cool and classic baskets long after the Easter bunny has hopped on.

Whether or not your family celebrates Easter as a religious holiday, there are plenty of good reasons to supply your kids with an Easter basket — for Easter egg hunts, decorated eggs, and chocolate Easter bunnies, of course, but also for any other day of the year on which a kid needs a cool, unusual, or classic container for collecting treasures. And however you celebrate on Easter Sunday itself, it’s a perfect day for gathering with others outside, with lots of kid-friendly activities, jokes, and rituals to keep everyone happily entertained.

The best Easter baskets are playful, but not over-embellished; big enough to store all the candy and Easter eggs kids collect throughout the day, but small enough to stow away after the day’s activities are over; and most of all, the best Easter baskets can be used as a fun accessory for any other family outings long after the Easter bunny has hopped on. Here are the best Easter baskets — from classic to customized — to use and admire throughout the year.

The Best Easter Baskets: Toddlers to Tweens

Made out of extra-soft faux-fur and felt, these baskets double as a stuffed animals for the kids. Plus, you have the option to add embroidered names and messages on the sides of the baskets' ears for extra personalization.

These soft, felt, bucket-style baskets bring a more modern style to the easter basket genre. They're made from 100% fair trade wool, and best of all, are far more compact and easy to store than your average easter basket.

For those partial to neutral tones, this bunny basket can't be beat. As if the whiskers and ears weren't enough, there's even a fluffy white tail on the back.

With a jute exterior and sweet striped cotton interior, this take on the bunny-shaped Easter basket is equal parts sweet and rustic. (It's also one of the most affordable versions.) The soft straps allow kids to sling the basket over their shoulders when they get tired of lugging their treasures around.

You'll want this gorgeous basket even if you don't celebrate Easter. A peach gingham cotton lining serves as a protective layer between the wicker basket and any sweets your kid might be storing, while also playing up the basket's rabbit-like details as a pair of adorable bunny ears. A pink orange pom-pom is the tail. It's the perfect accessory for egg-hunting or a casual family picnic.

For something less traditional, what could be better than an Easter basket shaped like a Mushroom? Reminiscent of a fairy garden or gnome house, this magical rattan basket can collect eggs on Easter and serve as a dollhouse or room decor for the rest of the year.

The Best Personalized Easter Baskets for 2021

This classic wicker easter basket brings a little extra whimsy with its cloth lining, which is embroidered with illustrations from the Peter Rabbit book. It comes in three sizes and can be personalized in one of eight colors for an extra $12.

What's cuter than an Easter basket that looks like a bunny? Not many things, except a bunny Easter basket with gingham ties that double as bunny ears. The tall, soft sides create less opportunity for spillage and make them easy to fold up and store, and they're even machine washable.

Etsy is a great place to find personalized and affordable gems for any holiday. You can personalize the classic white tote bag with your kids name, embroidered in a sophisticated cursive font. It also has adorable propped blue ears and embroidered details that give it a festive look.

This Etsy page offers a variety of personalized baskets, perfect for a big family that needs unique totes for each member. You can choose from four designs: Blue Check Bunny, Pink Check Bunny, Green Check Bunny, and Purple Check Bunny.

Nothing says spring quite like pastel-colored gingham. These baskets come in four colors, pink, green, blue, and orange, and can be personalized with a monogram or name in half a dozen different fonts and colors. That level of customization is hard to find at this price point.

These simple, adorable baskets would make a great addition to any nursery or playroom even after Easter is over, but embroidered rabbits on the front make it extra festive for the Spring holiday. With an extra 10 bucks, you can personalize each tote with your kid's initials or full name.

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