July 19, 2024

The 2023 Grooming Awards

For a $75 billion industry, we don’t talk all that much about men’s grooming. Maybe that’s just the way of men, a group of more stoic consumers who prefer less talk, more action. Whatever the case, men are buying more grooming products than ever before. This includes your staples — soaps, moisturizers, razors, deodorants, and colognes. But increasingly we’re expanding our roster of bathroom products to include exfoliants, retinol creams, cleansers, and hair dyes. After all, what’s the shame in wanting to look younger, smell fresher, and take better care of our skin and hair? We ask our kids to keep clean and take care of their bodies — we should show them how it’s done.

Still, men’s grooming isn’t quite matching the women’s beauty industry in sales or sheer number of products. Not yet. A deep well of makeup is not yet the norm for men, and while shaving and trimming body hair is far from taboo, laser hair removal threading, and waxing have yet to take off. We might be occasionally concealing blemishes, but we’re probably not turning to foundation. Men want to look good, but fortunately we don’t yet need to navigate a confusing sea of products.

This is why, for Fatherly’s first annual Men’s Grooming Awards, we’re focusing on the few dozen products we need to shave us, moisturize us, remove the under-eye bags, and leave us with a fine scent. Since we are offering up the essentials, we make sure we really believe in those products. The best of the best is the goal when you don’t need much to begin with. That’s what Fatherly, and our panel of 10 judges, has done in putting together this list of grooming products. These are all the basics you need, only better. So go ahead and focus on looking, smelling, and being your best. Your kids will see you — and get the right message.

Grooming Awards

Smell Your Best

These colognes, deodorants, and body sprays will keep you smelling great.

Grooming Awards

Have Great Hair

The shampoos, conditioners, creams, and scrubs to keep your hair looking perfect.

Grooming Awards

Face The World

The six best creams, lotions, and SPFs for your face.

Grooming Awards

Slay Your Shadow

The seven best oils, creams, razors, and trimmers for the bearded, stubbled, or clean-shaven man.

Grooming Awards

Wash Yourself

The six best soaps, washes, and lotions to keep yourself looking and feeling clean.

Grooming Awards

Meet The Grooming Awards Committee

It takes a village to vote on great grooming products. Here are our helpers.

Photographs by Xin Xin

Photo Director: Alex Pollack