Grooming Awards

Meet The Grooming Awards Committee

It takes a village to vote on great grooming products. Here are our helpers.

by Fatherly Editors
photos of the committee who selected the winners of Fatherly's grooming awards
Ariela Basson/Fatherly; Getty Images, Shutterstock, Courtesy of Dan Michel, Troy Brooks, Bryan Levandowski, Jon Wilde, Beau Hayhoe, Tyghe Trimble, Barney Bishop, Saleam Singleton, Alex French, Lee Kynaston
Men's Grooming Awards 2023: Skincare, Shaving, Cologne, & More

To spotlight the winners of Fatherly’s Grooming Awards, we enlisted 10 of the industry’s top men’s grooming experts to nominate their favorite skin, hair, body, scent, and shave products. From seasoned writers to style experts, our Grooming Awards Committee knows about the absolute best products on the market and the ones that stand out from the rest — not to mention what dads need (there are a baker’s dozen children fathered by this group). After the judges made their nominations, Fatherly’s editorial team determined the winners based on function, efficacy, and design. Below, get to know the Fatherly Grooming Awards Committee.

Barney Bishop

Ariela Basson/Fatherly, Shutterstock, Courtesy of Barney Bishop

Barney Bishop is a dad and men’s fragrance and grooming expert who has written for The Manual, Fatherly, and more. He currently resides in Brooklyn.

Troy Brooks

Ariela Basson/Fatherly, Getty Images, Courtesy of Troy Brooks

Troy Brooks is a digital content creator, entrepreneur, man with impeccable style (if Fatherly has any say about it), and dad of two. Brooks currently resides in Atlanta.

Alex French

Ariela Basson/Fatherly, Shutterstock, Courtesy of Alex French

Alex French is a Fatherly Contributing Editor, sneakerhead, and a dad of two. He has worked as a journalist and editor for 20 years, writing for the likes of Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, Grantland, Wired, The Atlantic, and New York Magazine. He is also the co-host and writer of iHeart's smash hit podcast, Let's Start a Coup!

Beau Hayhoe

Ariela Basson/Fatherly, Shutterstock, Courtesy of Beau Hayhoe

Beau is a Brooklyn-based writer covering all things men's style, grooming, spirits, watches, and more. He's had a beard for a decade, but knows caring for it is a daily pursuit.

Lee Kynaston

Ariela Basson/Fatherly, Getty Images, Courtesy of Lee Kynaston

With over 20 years of experience writing about male grooming, Lee is one of the UK’s best-known and most experienced male grooming experts. He was the Grooming Editor of Men's Health for eight years, contributed to The Telegraph, and has consulted for companies like Estee Lauder, P&G, and Unilever.

Bryan Levandowski

Ariela Basson/Fatherly, Shutterstock, Courtesy of Bryan Levandowski

Bryan Levandowski is a freelance writer based in London where his focus is on men’s grooming. His work has been featured in Fatherly, Byrdie, BlackBook, VeryGoodLight, Brides, and many others.

Dan Michel

Ariela Basson/Fatherly, Shutterstock, Courtesy of Dan Michel

Dan Michel is a New York-based former men's magazine editor turned brand marketer who writes about menswear, fragrance, watches, design, and travel. When he's not writing, he's likely obsessing over ambient music, automatic watches, or which destination he'll discover next.

Saleam Singleton

Ariela Basson/Fatherly; Courtesy of Saleam Singleton

Saleam is the Style Editor at Fatherly. He’s a Brooklyn-based writer, content creator, and brand consultant. Through his platform The Method Male, he has covered topics of men's beauty, skincare, and self-expression.

Tyghe Trimble

Ariela Basson/Fatherly, Getty Images, Courtesy of Tyghe Trimble

Tyghe Trimble is the Editor-in-Chief of Fatherly. Tyghe oversees Fatherly’s editorial team with the aim to create content that empowers readers to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives. Tyghe prefers shaving with a safety razor, thinks of a high-end haircut and high-quality face moisturizer as worthy investments, and believes in the power of icy cold showers.

Jon Wilde

Ariela Basson/Fatherly, Getty Images, Courtesy of Jon Wilde

Jon Wilde is Senior Vice President of Editorial at BDG, father to a 9-year-old daughter, and a man who's just trying to make sure he didn't miss a spot after his weekly DIY head shave. He's spent more than a decade working on grooming coverage and has the well-honed skincare regimen to prove it.