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Best Easter Candy

Fill up your Easter basket with the best Easter candy.

Easter is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar, a celebration for millions of kids that is full of eggs, resurrection imagery, and, yes, candy. Lots, and lots of candy. According to a 2017 Nielsen poll, Americans spend a staggering $1.3 billion on sweet treats in the weeks before Easter. So by this we mean, don’t be a candy crusher or a sugar hater. Buy your kids what they want and what they want is chocolate. 

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From deliciously rich chocolate bunnies and cream-filled eggs to juicy jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps, we have picked out the best Easter candy of the year to make your holiday shopping a little bit easier. And a whole lot tastier. 

The words Easter and Peeps are pretty much synonymous.

The iconic marshmallow Easter candy treats, available in 43 flavors last year, are one of the more popular sweet treats of the holiday. In fact, WalletHub estimates that over 1.5 billion pieces of the smushy and sweet candy are consumed every Easter. This variety pack will brighten up your basket with three hues of bunnies — yellow, pink and purple.

We agree, it's not fair that only kids get Easter candy, so here's something a bit fancier.

This is an Easter candy assortment meant for kids’ elders. You get a pretty pick and gold box filled with 16 Belgian milk, dark, and white chocolates plus chocolate truffles.

You get three 13-ounce M&Ms gift jars filled with pastel versions of the candy.

This could be the cutest Easter candy we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a lot. The classic M&Ms are pastel-colored to get you in the holiday mood.

Once you see Cadbury Creme Eggs hitting the shelf, you know it’s almost Easter.

The foil-wrapped candy Easter egg has been around since 1875, with the cream-filled version hitting shelves in 1923. Currently, about 500 million crème eggs are produced annually, and are most popular in their home country of the UK, where most are consumed. It goes without saying that every Easter basket is in desperate need of at least one, even if for decorative purposes only. This 48-pack will keep all your baskets full, and then some.

In the last few years nearly every candy brand has released its own, fruity jelly bean version, but nobody has nailed a unique and totally delicious update to the classic treat like Starburst.

These seriously addictive, colorful little Easter candy beans are neatly packaged in 12 vibrantly-hued plastic eggs, ready to toss in an Easter basket, hand over to friends or hide in the grass as part of an Easter egg hunt.

If you want to go a little more gourmet this holiday, Ghirardelli’s nearly one-pound bag of premium chocolate bunnies and eggs is a great option.

Each chocolate Easter treat is individually wrapped for your convenience, making them a great option to throw in a candy dish or Easter basket. Plus, they taste heavenly. Truly. 

Stock up on 16 individually-wrapped dark chocolate hollow bunnies.

These Easter bunnies are equally delicious in an Easter basket, or as table decor. Although of course, we defy you to look and not eat. The chocolate is smooth, rich, and creamy, and made in Germany. 

There is a little something for everyone in this variety pack featuring 110 individually-wrapped Easter-themed versions of your favorite candy.

This bag of Easter candy goodness includes Starburst, Twix, 3 Musketeers, and of course, M&Ms. Because what would any holiday be without M&Ms? Stock up in mass quantities, because once you start dipping into your stash they may be gone in no time! Of course, you can just blame the kids.

Every Easter basket needs an old-school chocolate bunny. This is it.

You get a solid, meaning not hollow, chocolate Easter bunny. It’s made of milk chocolate. And it’s all chocolate. Yeah!

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