The Best Easter Baskets for Kids of All Ages

Your kids will keep using these cool and classic baskets long after the Easter bunny has hopped on.

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wicker Easter basket for kids with a embroidered bunny face isolated on pink background

Whether or not your family celebrates Easter as a religious holiday, there are plenty of good reasons to supply your kids with an Easter basket — for Easter egg hunts, decorated eggs, and chocolate Easter bunnies, of course, but also for any other day of the year on which a kid needs a cool, unusual, or classic container for collecting treasures. And however you celebrate on Easter Sunday itself, it’s a perfect day for gathering with others outside, with lots of kid-friendly activities, jokes, and rituals to keep everyone happily entertained.

The best Easter baskets are playful, but not over-embellished; big enough to store all the candy and Easter eggs kids collect throughout the day, but small enough to stow away after the day’s activities are over; and most of all, the best Easter baskets can be used as a fun accessory for any other family outings long after the Easter bunny has hopped on. Here are the best Easter baskets — from classic to customized — to use and admire throughout the year.

The Best Easter Baskets: Toddlers to Tweens

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