Sofia Quaglia

Sofia Quaglia is a freelance science journalist. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, BBC, National Geographic, Wired, and more. You can reach her at


How Incarceration Is Passed Down From Father To Son

Mass incarceration of African American men has led to 1.1 million being imprisoned in the U.S. — 500,000 of them are fathers.

Racism & Discrimination

For Children Across The Nation, Racism Is On The Rise

Across the nation, children of color — especially Black and Indigenous children — are experiencing increased levels of racism, according to trends in data.

Beat The Stank

What Causes Morning Breath, According To A Periodontist

And how to beat bad breath in the long term, because mints and gum are only temporary solutions.

Men's Health

Why Do I Have Dry Skin On My Penis? A Urologist Explains

Dry skin often means itchiness and irritation, and below the belt isn’t a great place to feel either of those sensations. This is how to fix it.

Low T

Just How Much Testosterone Do Men Really Need? New Study Sparks A Fiery Debate

Some doctors question a new proposed age-based cutoff for low T. Not everyone is on board.

Rest & Relaxation

NSDR Is An Overhyped Health Hack. But That Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Try It

Non-sleep deep rest is an energizing hack that supposedly is more restorative than a nap. But is NSDR all it's cracked up to be?


What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes? A Dermatologist Explains

And how can you make them go away?

Paid Leave

Paid Parental Leave Could Save Nearly 1,000 Babies' Lives Per Year

A mandated 12-week paid parental leave nationwide could save lives, according to a new study.

Say This, Not That

Saying These Phrases To Your Kids Can Make Them Worse At Math

Helping them succeed at math is all about maintaining a growth mindset.

Dad Brain

Having A Baby Alters A Man’s Brain, Study Says

The brain of new dads looks a lot like anyone else’s brain — just a little smaller. (Really.)

Hair, Hair Everywhere

How To Deal With Ear Hair Once And For All

One day you wake up and there’s hair in your ears. A doctor walks us through what that means — and what you can do about it.

The Walking Dead

Is 6 Hours Of Sleep Really Enough? Science Has A Very Clear Answer

What happens when you go from eight to six to four to two hours of sleep.


Orgasmic Meditation Makes Mindfulness Sexy. But Does It Work?

Traditional meditation has real benefits to the mind and body. Does orgasmic meditation add anything?


‘Social Contagion’ Isn’t A Thing — And 4 More Myths About Trans Youth, Debunked

A new study takes aim at some of the most dangerous myths about trans kids.

I'm Thinking

Study Shows Phones May Actually Improve Memory — When Used Correctly

A new study shows that using digital devices to help remember things might not actually harm your brain.

Sleep Science

Kids Who Get Less Than 9 Hours Of Sleep Suffer Greatly, Study Shows

Scientists are still trying to figure out whether the damage is long-term.

A Fair Crack

Is Cracking Your Knuckles Actually Bad For You?

You’ve probably been told lies about cracking your knuckles. Here’s the truth.

Flake Off

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff, According To A Dermatologist

For the best chances at clearing dandruff, you may need more than one medicated shampoo.


Everything Parents Need To Know About The Under-5 COVID Vaccine

Including what to do if your child is about to turn 5 and whether you should choose Pfizer or Moderna.

Heart Health

Air Pollution Hurts Your Heart. But You Can Protect Yourself.

This is how you mitigate your risk.