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7 Funny Facepaint Ideas for Little Kids

These aren't just for Halloween!

There’s something about face-painting that’s very exciting for kids. Face-painting seems slightly like breaking the rules, because there’s no chance you’d want to paint a dragon on your kid’s face every morning. Just imagine the multi-colored towels post-facepaint. But for special occasions, face-painting can be a lot of fun for both you and your child. Assuming that you aren’t a professional artist, Fatherly has put together this list of easy facepaint designs that you can do without having to hire someone or pay money to get your kid’s face painted. All you need for these is facepaint, a steady hand and for your child to sit still while you draw on the design. Facepaint is a good tool to have in your craftbox. It’s not only for Halloween, though there are some designs on this list that are definitely worthy for trick-or-treating. You could paint your child’s face for a birthday party or other particularly festive holidays, like Thanksgiving or St. Patrick’s Day. This washable facepaint comes with a number of colors and stencils (if you need to facepaint in a hurry), which is available on Amazon.