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7 Funny Face Paint Ideas for Little Kids

Face paint is a Halloween staple, sure, but don't hide it away the rest of the year.

The face paint comes out every Halloween and under a skilled hand soon transforms human children into horned monsters and puppies. It’s powerful stuff — with ancient roots, after all — that’s perfectly attuned to the season of mischief and disguise, but there’s no reason it should live in the dark the other 364 days of the year. Face paint, like sidewalk chalk and Legos, is a universal tool of childhood that can engage, entertain, and amuse kids in any season, indoors or out. 

If you’re intimidated by relying on nothing more than face paint to transform your kid into a bat or a butterfly this Halloween, don’t be. All it takes is a steady hand, a willing child, and a strong, basic design. We’ve taken care of that last part with this Fatherly list of easy face-paint designs. You’ll soon be a master of the art and be branching out from basic dragons to advanced Fortnite.