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Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

From Fortnite to unicorns, there's a get-up here for everyone.

It’s never too early to start planning for Halloween and throwing around Halloween costume ideas. In fact, kids start figuring out their Halloween costumes the day after loading up on candy and other loot on October 31.

Think we’re kidding? Not even close. For kids, Halloween is the Super Bowl of sugar, the Wold Cup of dress-up. And the most coveted costumes sell out fast.

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That’s why we started our list early, so you won’t be the loser parent who has to paint a cardboard box and pretend it’s a Minecraft figure. Here are some solid Halloween costumes for kids.

Fortnite fans, rejoice. Here's a Dark Voyager Halloween skin costume just for you.

Perfect for Fortnite fans, this Dark Voyager Halloween costume is a jumpsuit with reflective trim, plus an attached harness, gloves, knee pads, boot covers, and helmet with attached visor to match.

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This Fortnite Halloween costume lets your kid suit up as a Skull Trooper and comes with a mask, gloves, bandana, belt, and an ammo pouch.

Your kid will scare the neighborhood in this Skull Trooper getup. You get a skeleton jumpsuit, black gloves, bandana, belt, shin guards, ammo pouch, and of course, the signature and coveted Skull Trooper mask.

On the more nurturing end, we have this scientist costume, which comes with everything your kid needs to experiment with candy.

Your kid can be the next Marie Curie with this scientist ensemble, which comes with a lab coat, test tubes, magnifying glass, goggles and a name tag. It’s also great as a dress-up toy.

We love these cosplay costumes because they're warm, they're cozy, and they're totally kooky. Especially this unicorn one.

A rainbow unicorn? But of course you want a rainbow unicorn cosplay Halloween costume. It’s made of soft fleece, and has a unicorn horn on top.

We're sort of obsessed with Forky, from Toy Story 4. Something tells us your kids will be too, and will dig this Halloween costume.

Forky is a spork who was made into a toy by Bonnie in Toy Story 4, and now he’s here to stay. This Halloween costume includes a long-sleeved jumpsuit and a character mask.

Minecraft costumes never seem to lose their appeal, and we like this armor in particular.

This Halloween costume replicates the armor worn in Minecraft and includes a dimensional top, pants and dimensional foam headpiece.

Here's Violet, from The Incredibles. You get a detailed and colorful jumpsuit with an attached belt.

If your kids love The Incredibles (and really, find us ones that don’t), they’re be into this Violet Halloween costume. It features a jumpsuit with an attached belt, incredible logo and eye mask.

Younger kids love them some PJ Masks action. Hence, they will also love this Catboy number.

When the sun goes down, Pyjamasques put on their superhero costumes to go on amazing adventures. Now your kid can too, with this Catboy Halloween costume. You get a jumpsuit with detachable tail and a soft headpiece.

Fans of Transformers can get in on the action with this Bumblebee Halloween costume, which lets kids defend our planet in the form of a Volkswagen Beetle.

This Bumblebee Halloween costume features art print and muscles in the arms and torso, and is a nice ode to the hit movie and beloved Transformers character.

Ninjago gurus can dress up as Jay, the lightning ninja with the killer wit.

Jay, one of the ninjas in Ninjago, is quick-witted and funny. This Halloween costume does him justice, with its constructed top, half mask, hands, and constructed pants.

We loved everything about Captain Marvel, and this Halloween costume is a fitting tribute to the hit movie about a heroic pilot.

Your little Captain Marvel can be a powerhouse this Halloween in this blue and red long-sleeved padded jumpsuit, with printed boot top and a pull-on face mask with attached hair and a mesh eye opening.

Bring on the dinosaurs! We're into this T-Rex costume that's a jumpsuit with a plush hood, tail and shoe-covers.

Dinosaurs never lose their appeal, and neither will this T-Rex jumpsuit Halloween costume.

Groundbreaking? No. But this witch Halloween costume is a perennial favorite and old standby.

At some point, just about every girl will dress up as a witch. And this is a nice costume option. You get a green and black full length dress, along with a peplum-style top and black skirt. And of course, the signature hat. Wear leggings underneath for added warmth.

Wakanda forever! Black Panther was a groundbreaking film, and this Halloween costume is fit for a king.

One of the best, if not the best, films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther is all about family, justice, and loyalty. Kids loved it. And they’ll still be into it, courtesy of this padded fiber-filled muscle-chest Black Panther costume jumpsuit with attached boot-tops, and mask.

We're a wee bit (OK, more than a wee bit) conflicted about buying into Disney's whole princess culture. But the new and improved Princess Jasmine is a strong, smart woman. And this costume is cute.

Your kid gets sequins galore with this Princess Jasmine Halloween costume, which includes a dance crop top and a pants, along with a headband. 

Is there a doctor in the house? You bet your ass there is, with this Melissa & Doug doctor costume.

Your kid can get a taste of his or her own medicine (sorry!), with Melissa & Doug’s costume. You get a doctor’s jacket, mask, stethoscope, reflex hammer, ear scope, syringe, and reusable name tag.

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