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Best Dinosaur Toys For Every Age

They are mighty. Hear them roar.

It’s fairly obvious that kids are into dinosaurs. Kids love dinosaur toys. They love dinosaur figures. They love playing with them and watching them in movies like the Jurassic World. They love dressing up as dinosaurs for Halloween. And they especially love playing with dinosaur-themed toys.

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We took a look at the dinosaur toys that are out there and found…a lot. There are great dino toys that let everyone from toddlers to teenagers build, cuddle, imitate, feed, and play in a ton of other ways with their favorite extinct species. These are some of our favorite dinosaur toys, with options for kids of all ages and interests.

Best Dinosaur Toys

Kids can use a remote control to make this dinosaur move forward and backward, turn left and right, and rotate 360 degrees.

Get this: Yes, this robotic dinosaur can sing and dance, and of course it roars. Its eyes light up, too. This one is great for older kids, eight and up.

This highly-detailed dinosaur set from Playmobil features a T-Rex with movable arms, legs, and jaw allow.

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Kids four and up maraud through Dino Island to find the hidden temple that houses the T-Rex. Coolest of all is the UV flashlight that kids can use to reveal glow-in-the dark features, such as with the ruins crystal eyes, and jungle plants. 

Kids activate this creepy-looking dino by pressing a button to make the head strike forward and jaws chomp down.

The good news: This dinosaur doesn’t make any sounds. The better news: It makes a very satisfying chomp when you push the button on its back.

This particular T-Rex dinosaur walks, moves its limbs, and even roars.

This is one highly detailed dinosaur. It’s made of plastic and has no sharp edges, so it’s safe for younger dinosaur-obsessed kids. Its eyes glow and yes, oh yes, it roars. A lot. Great for kids three and up.

Dino fans as young as six months will love it when balls pop out of the dinosaur as music and sounds play in the background.

The jumping multicolored balls and lively music stimulate kids’ senses, and not knowing which part of the dino the balls will pop out of is an added element of fun. Gathering the balls, which scatter around the dinosaur, is also a great reason to practice crawling.

You get a simple set of figurines that includes nine different dinosaurs.

Sometimes the simplest toys are the best, because even with the STEMificiation of toys there’s something to be said for the pleasures of uncomplicated figurines like these dinosaurs from Melissa & Doug. These models are covered in felt, and the range in species from the well-known (T. Rex and Velociraptor) to the obscure (Pachycephalosaurus and Ankylosaurus).

This Lego DUPLO set — part of the brand's line for younger kids — features a miniature scene that kids get to assemble themselves.

This set comes with two baby dinosaurs and one human minifigure, along with accessories like a camera, flowers, and a brick with the Jurassic World logo on it. There’s also a palm tree — what dino paradise is complete without it? — and a swinging bridge.

If you want a pet without the actual hassle of having a pet, get the Miposaur. It responds to the swipe of your hand, has three different moods and ten different commands.

This robot dinosaur responds to you, whether you’re using your hands or his trackball. You can train it, you can game with it, you can make it dance.

Little kids can create their very own Jurassic World with this complete set of nine dinosaur action figures, as well as a colorful dino mat so they can hone their exploration skills.

Kids get all the big guys, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giganotosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Acrocanthosaurus and Brachiosaurus. Plus, they get a plush play map so they can race and play and create their own imaginary world.

This electronic pet responds to touch with sound and motion combinations.

Kids love interactive pets, so if they also love dinosaurs it’s hard to go wrong with this guy. Rex has 35 different sound-and-motion combinations that can be activated with touch, motion, and “feeding” him with the included accessories.

Land-bound dinosaurs get most of the love, but this flying Pterodactyl drone will quickly become your kid's favorite.

This is basically a quadcopter drone with a Pterodactyl on top, that’s easy for kids to operate (read: not crash). There’s an Auto Circle mode that causes the Pterodactyl to circle its “prey” below and Auto Land mode for when it’s ready to go in for the kill. And while they don’t keep it aloft, the Pterodactyl’s wings do the next best thing and flap realistically.

This 174-piece Lego kit comes with instructions for three different dino builds.

T. Rex, Triceratops, or Pterodactyle: kids can choose which model they build with this three-in-one set.  And if they get bored with their choice, it couldn’t be easier to take it apart and build a different model, a feature that not all Lego sets can claim to have.

The best way for dino-loving kids to beat the heat is to play in this inflatable aquatic center.

In the dog days of summer, there’s nothing better than splashing around outside. This inflatable slide-kiddie pool combo is dino-themed, so kids can frolic alongside delightful prehistoric friends. It comes with an arch that sprays water when attached to a hose and a slide that, thanks to the landing pad, will safely delight kids for hours.

This colorful T. Rex is as soft as it is massive.

“A stuffed animal…but bigger” may not be the most innovative idea in the world, but it’s hard to argue with these results. This T. Rex stands up on its own and comes in at about two and a half feet from nose to tail, and the polyester fabric means it’s super soft and huggable.

This plastic mask has moving eyes and a mouth that opens to bare sharp teeth.

If your kids love dinosaurs so much they want to be one, this is the toy for them. Modeled after Blue from Jurassic World, this mask has three levels of sound effects – from growls to roars — and goes nicely with (separately sold) claw gloves for an even more realistic dinosaur costume.

This kit is a celebration of the human heroes of the dinosaur world, the scientists who find fossils and study them.

This dig brick comes with tools similar to those used by real paleontologists on real fossil digs. Within it are 16 different real fossils that are millions of years old. Once kids finish excavating, the full-color booklet that’s also included is packed with educational information.

Isn't he cute? Sure he is. This Fingerling reacts to sound, motion, and touch, and even farts. Really.

He roars. He stays on your finger. And he even lets it rip. What’s not to love about this robotic toy dinosaur?

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