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These 10 Baby Name Trends Will Dominate 2023, Experts Say

Nameberry, a major baby name site, is good at spotting trends before they’re trending, and they recently released a list of baby names they predict will dominate in 2023.

A dad holding a baby.

If you’re expecting a baby in 2023 or thinking about growing your family, choosing a baby name is one of the first tasks that can feel just too big. There are thousands of names to choose from, and narrowing it down can be overwhelming, which is why we can turn to the experts.

Nameberry, a major baby name site, is good at spotting trends before they’re trending, and they recently released a list of baby names they predict will dominate in 2023.

“Baby name trends for 2023 reflect a palpable shift in mood, style, and identity born of the seismic events of the past few years,” Nameberry writes. Regarding baby names, the site predicts parents are going for a more significant change, which will be reflected in the names they give their babies.

“There’s a sea change upon us,” Nameberry founder Pam Redmond explains in a post on the baby name site. “Exactly how that will play out over the next ten years in terms of which names are up, which down, is more difficult to predict than the overall feeling that things are going to change a lot. The mood of names is going to change along with the mood of people.”

So what baby name trends will top 2023? Here’s what the experts think.

Baby Name Trend #1: “Maximalist Names”

The experts think that over-the-top baby names like Amadeus, Ambrosia, and Casimir will start to trend in a big way in 2023.

Baby Name Trend #2: “Names So Out They’re In”

Are the 80s back? Names like Blane, Dustin, and Heather could be back next year, and make us all feel like it’s 1983 again.

Baby Name Trend #3: “Gilded Names”

What is a gilded name? To Nameberry, gilded names like Oriana, Halo, and Lucien are names that “feel bright, luxurious and optimistic.” Bring on the good vibes!

Baby Name Trend #4: “Neo-Cowboy Names”

Is it a spaghetti Western up in here? Boone, Reeve, Zane and Dutton could all bring back a hearkening to the great American West.

Baby Name Trend #5: “Traveling Lite Names”

Names that “travel light” are names that are “cross-cultural, fresh, funky, and light,” per Nameberry. But they’re also defined by how short they are. “New choices in this category fit a very specific formula: four letters, two syllables, ends in I.”

Okay, then! The experts think names like Mavi, Suki, and Indi will crush.

Baby Name Trend #6: “X-tra Names”

People will love the letter X, and show it with names like Dixie, Onyx, and Roux. As Nameberry notes, even “Elon Musk and Grimes can’t escape this trend.

Baby Name Trend #7: “Adjective Names”

Other names that might crush 2023 will be ones that describe the world’s beauty, with names like Sincere, Wavy, and Icy.

Baby Name Trend #8: “Grandpa Names for Girls”

Okay, so very, very old school is also in, with names like Jude, Lou, and Davie expected to top 2023 trend charts.

Baby Name Trend #9: “Blue-Green Names”

It looks like the adjective baby name trend expected to sweep 2023 will also extend to colors, and even a specific hue. The Nameberry folks expect blue-green names to explode with names like Lupine, Moss, and Cerulean.

Baby Name Trend #10: “Mix and Match Names”

What are mix-and-match names? Names that new parents make up on their own! Some mix-and-match names they expect to trend will include Novarae, Zakhai, and Oakland.

Earlier this month, Nameberry also released its predictions for the top baby names in 2023, and many of these trends fall into those name predictions. The list included names for girls typically used for guys, short and sweet names for boys and girls, and names inspired by the stars.

To read more name predictions and trends for 2023, as well as more names that follow each trend if you’re looking for baby name inspiration, check out Nameberry’s prediction report.