Devan McGuinness

Devan McGuinness has been a trending news and entertainment writer at Fatherly since 2019, covering a wide range of topics from politics and health to entertainment, parenting, and lifestyle. She tackles everything from the latest discoveries from space and what’s happening with student loans to changes at Disney Parks, what celebrities say that make them go viral, a parent’s role in politics — and everything in between.

With over ten years of experience in digital media, Devan is a trusted voice in the parenting space, honing her instincts for creating engaging editorial and social strategies that tap into the topics that matter most to parents. She has worked with many leading media brands, including Disney,, POPSUGAR,, Distractify, Scary Mommy, and more.

Devan is also an award-winning advocate recognized for making a positive impact on the world through social media as the founder of Unspoken Grief, a resource and support site for people touched by miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death. As a disabled person, Devan is equally passionate about promoting visibility and inclusion for disabled voices in parenting spaces.

Devan lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with her husband, their four kids, and four cats. In her free time, she’s probably watching the latest reality TV drama unfold or rewatching every cat and goat video online instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour.

You can follow Devan on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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