Devan McGuinness

Devan McGuinness (she/they) is a Toronto-based writer, editor, and social strategist who covers politics, entertainment, parenting, and lifestyle. Their bylines have appeared in Healthline,, Scary Mommy,, and more over her 10-plus years in digital media, specializing in stories that matter most to families. Devan is also an award-winning advocate who has been recognized for making a positive impact on the world through social media as the founder of Unspoken Grief.


Don't Miss The Delta Aquariids Light Up The Night Sky With Shooting Stars

Who doesn’t love a shooting star? 💫☄️


Disturbing ‘Minions’ Teen Trend Banned From Movie Theaters

Gru stans are flocking to the theater to show their support while wearing suits — but not everyone is playing nice.

The Toolman Cometh

Tim Allen Got Real About Lightspeed And It's Kinda Brutal

Lightyear is a prequel to the Toy Story movies but it’s not like a traditional prequel, and that's what Tim Allen is trying to explain.


July’s Full ‘Buck’ Moon Is Coming — And It Will Wow You

July’s full moon is also a supermoon — the biggest and brightest supermoon of 2022.

4th of July

Inflation Will Make July 4th Cookouts 17% Pricier This Year

Thanks to inflation, ground beef saw the largest increase in price from last year.


WTF? Disney's Star Wars Cruise, Now Serving $5,000 Cocktail

You read that right.

Relationship Trouble

These States Googled Divorce Lawyers The Most During The Pandemic

Marriage is hard, and COVID didn’t make it any easier.

Witchy Nostalgia

'Hocus Pocus 2' Trailer Fixes Everything Wrong With The Original

Bringing back the funny witches minus the creepy, awkward sexual energy.


Why Elmo Is Right And Ted Cruz Is Wrong About COVID Vaccines For Kids

Sesame Street partnered with COVID Collaborative’s COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative to talk to young kids about getting vaxxed.


What Is Stagflation And Is It Going To Happen?

Not all experts see a recession as the next big financial threat. Instead, it's stagflation.


Ben Affleck Just Learned A Hard Lesson About Kids And Expensive Cars

Ben Affleck let his son sit in the driver’s seat of a very expensive Lamborghini, and it didn’t take long for him to realize that was a mistake.


Louisiana's Abortion Trigger Ban Just Got Blocked — Here’s What That Means

Despite the trigger law on abortion passing 16 years ago in Louisiana, the law has now been blocked temporarily.


This Map Shows The Most Popular BBQ Style In Each State. There’s a Controversial Winner.

Although we may not agree, we can't ignore the data.

Student Debt

45,000 People Just Had Their Student Debt Completely Wiped Out

45,000 more borrowers just had their loans canceled.


Toyota Issues Global Recall Of Electric Vehicle Due To Steering Wheel Issue

A global recall has been issued, less than two months after the SUV was released.


The AAP Says Overturn Of Roe “Carries Grave Consequences” For Adolescent Patients

The American Academy of Pediatrics reaffirmed its support for “comprehensive, evidence-based reproductive health care services,” which includes access to safe abortion.

Student Debt

$16 Million More In Loans Were Just Canceled — But Not By The Government

The Rolling Jubilee Fund, wiped out student loans for over 7,000 students that previously attended Vista College.


A California Bill Would Give One Group Of Youths $1,000 A Month In Basic Income — What To Know

Senator Dave Cortese, a Democrat from San Jose, has proposed Senate Bill 1341 to give a monthly income to youth experiencing homelessness.

gun safety

Biden Will Soon Sign The Most Sweeping Gun Safety Reforms In Decades

On June 23, the Senate voted on the bill, which passed with a final vote of 65 to 33 — with 15 Republicans joining the Democrats.


The Baby Names Increasing Fastest in Popularity for Gen Alpha Are Super Unique

The baby names for Generation Alpha that are growing the fastest in popularity are a rejection of all the Harpers and Roberts of the world.