Devan McGuinness

Devan McGuinness (she/they) is a Canadian disabled writer, editor, and social strategist who covers politics, entertainment, parenting, and lifestyle. Devan’s bylines have appeared in Healthline,, Scary Mommy,, and more over her 10-plus years in digital media, specializing in stories that matter most to families.

Devan is also an award-winning advocate who has been recognized for making a positive impact on the world through social media as the founder of Unspoken Grief, a resource and support site for people touched by miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

Student Loans

Biden Admin Pauses Student Loan Payments For At Least 7 More Months

The Biden administration confirmed the pause on student loan repayment has been extended into 2023 to allow time for the debt forgiveness court cases to get settled.

Oh, Brother

Parenting Stress During The Holidays? You’re Not Alone, Survey Shows

Hang in there, parents! The holidays are almost over.

Good Thing!

A Judge Just Banned Elf On The Shelf. Really.

"The Court has no choice but to BANISH all Elves on the Shelves..."

Show Your Kids!

NASA's Orion Gives Us A Rare Glimpse At The Far Side Of The Moon

Orion has been up in space for one week, and it’s already giving astronomers a lot to get excited about, including a rare glimpse at the Moon's far side.

Magic Words

30+ Inspiring Disney Quotes on Love, Kindness, and the Importance of Friendships

These quotes so good, we need to think of them outside of these movies.

World Cup 2022

Lost About The Qatar World Cup Controversy? Let John Oliver Explain It To You

"There is no reason to believe that FIFA will ever do the right thing.”

Show Your Kids!

JWST Photos Might Change The Universe's Timeline In A Major Way

NASA recently shared two new images taken from the telescope that has the potential to change everything that we know about our universe.

Family Man!

Ryan Reynolds’ Post-Work Routine Reveals His #1 Priority: Fatherhood

Ryan Reynolds — actor, businessman, dad of three, and husband to one — has a unique hack to finding enough time to become an engaged dad while working full time.

Check Your Health

Why Chris Hemsworth’s Alzheimer’s Risk Pushed Him To Take Time Off Work

While working on National Geographic's 'Limitless,' Chris Hemsworth learned a lot about himself, including his risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Life Time

Australia’s Life Expectancy Is Growing While Other Nations Decline. Here’s Why.

Australia’s life expectancy shot up during the pandemic. Looking into why may hold secrets to bettering our health.

Show Your Kids!

JWST Photo Of A Star Being Born Is An Astounding, Hour-Glass Shaped View

NASA has released a new photo that was taken with the help of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) showing the early stages of a star being born.

Product Safety

CPSC Warning: Don't Use, Buy 'My Bouncer Little Castle' Bounce House

CPSC has issued a warning notice for an inflatable house product following two safety incidences, one of which resulted in death, the agency claims.

Budget Woes

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Disney World? Prices Will Spike (Again!) Very Soon

Walt Disney World company recently announced upcoming price increases that will make the already expensive destination, well, pricier.

Date Night

Top 5 Rom-Coms For Date Night, All Starring Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey is a rom-com genre all by himself.

Family Activity

Ashton Kutcher's Next Big Parenting Move? Training His Kids To Run A 5K

Ashton Kutcher has found his passion in running marathons and wants to foster that love with his kids, too.

Holiday Headache

Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Up 20%. What’s Exploded Most In Price?

New data shows that this year’s Thanksgiving dinner is far more expensive than what we paid for the same foods last year.

Solid Advice

Michelle Obama’s 4 Smart Tips For Raising Self-Sufficient Kids

In an interview with NPR, Michelle Obama shared her thoughts on parenting, including a few pieces of genius advice on how to raise a self-sufficient kid.


These 11 Competition-Winning Birth Photography Photos Are Truly Mind-Blowing

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPB) released its winners for the 2022 Birth Photography Image Competition. The winning images are astounding and unique.

Cool, Space!

How To Watch NASA's Extraordinary Artemis 1 Moon Rocket Launch

The much-anticipated launch of the unmanned Artemis 1 will happen after hours tonight.

Watch With The Kids!

Stunning Leonids Meteor Shower Will Soon Peak — Here’s How To Catch It

This month we’re set to see the Leonids meteor shower, which will be the second to last shower in 2022.