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The Best Robot Toys That Teach Kids Coding and STEM Skills

ByCameron LeBlanc

Robots and toys that will help your child to learn to code, recognize social cues, or just practice building Legos.


This Is, Hands Down, The Best Backyard Rocket For All Ages

ByJoe Jackson

This model rocket is simple to use and as fun for dads as it is for kids.

Tread Lightly

The 8 Most Painful Kids’ Toys To Step On In Bare Feet

ByBilly Brown

A useful guide for commiserating parents and kids looking to stop robbers.

Building History

The Lego Atari 2600 Is A Gamer's Dream

ByJon Gugala

The legendary console gets the Lego treatment, complete with brick versions of classic cartridges.

Fire Away

The 12 Most Fearsome Nerf Blasters Of All Time

ByJon Gugala

These are the Nerf weapons that go above and beyond.

Pew Pew Pew

Nerf's Wild New Blaster Fires Paintball-Like Pellets of H20

ByBilly Brown

Instead of foam projectiles, the latest gun from NERF fires a series of water pellets that it holds in a paintball gun-like hopper.

Go Play Inside

This Indoor Playset Is Better Looking Than Your Furniture

ByJoe Jackson

Cassarokids’ Wellington Climbing Waldorf Playset is fun, sustainably built, and beautiful.

Mini Me

The New Hasbro Selfie Series Will Turn You Into An Action Figure

ByJon Gugala

Ever want to join in on the mini adventure? Now you can.

Water Wars

9 Great Squirt Guns and Super Soakers For Summer Fun

ByJon Gugala

Looking to beat the heat with a water war? Pick up the best water blasters and more right now.

Autobots, Roll Out

LEGO Optimus Prime Set Is 1,508 Pieces Of Autobot Majesty

ByBilly Brown

Two childhood favorites pair up for one incredible set.


8 Playmobil Sets That Are Perfect For Nostalgic Grown-ups

ByBilly Brown

Looking to relive your childhood? These Playmobil sets geared towards adults will help.

Building Bigger

The Best LEGO Sets Over 1,000 Pieces

ByBilly Brown

Looking for a longer build? These huge kits take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to assemble.


'Lightyear' Is Not A 'Toy Story' Prequel. It’s Far Weirder Than That

ByJames Grebey

What kind of movies do Pixar characters watch within a Pixar movie?

Massive Models

The Most Massive LEGO Sets That You Can Buy Right Now

ByBilly Brown

These LEGO sets are ridiculously large and they’re available right now.

Summer Fun

9 Wild Pool Floaties To Help You Own Every Pool Party This Summer

ByJoe Jackson

Dial up your summer fun on one of these ridiculous floating devices.

Father's Day

The Best Father's Day Gifts For The LEGO Dad

ByBilly Brown

Looking for a gift for the LEGO-loving dad in your life? Here are some great options.