The Coolest Dads of 2019

What Is a Cool Dad?

There’s nothing inherently cool about fatherhood, but having a child isn’t a one-way ticket to Slackslandia or Pleatopia, either. Many dads can multitask. They do the family things and their thing and exceed the sitcom cliche of khaki indifference — this notion that in order to care you can only care about the one thing. Not so! The men on this list care about a lot of different things. They care about their art and their bodies and their partners and their legacies and their businesses. They care about themselves, not because they’re egotists (though there’s some swagger here), but because they have something to offer.

What makes a cool dad: Happy Kids. Good Friends. Ambition. Individuality. Confidence. That’s it. And some dudes have all of the above. Sure, there’s nothing inherently cool about fatherhood, but it looks great when you wear it well.

All illustrations by Kreg Franco for Fatherly. Mark Reigelman photo by Norman Nelson. Eric Wilhelm photograph courtesy himself, and M. Sanjayan photograph courtesy Conservation International. All other photographs via Getty.