Lauryn Jiles

Lauryn Jiles is a freelance writer, working in the fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle, and entertainment verticals. She currently covers men’s style and beauty at Bustle Digital Group for Fatherly. Her work has been published in Teen Vogue, Mashable, The Zoe Report, The Black Leaf Tea, InStyle, Byrdie, Essence, CR Fashion Book, and Hasbro, among many other publications. Lauryn has written everything from runway reports to beauty trends to women’s health and pretty much everything in between.

After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor's degree in Journalism, Lauryn spent her time working as a full-time SEO and brand writer for Hasbro, working for the Marvel team, and also helping write for the My Little Pony, Dungeons & Dragons, and Power Rangers brands.

Lauryn now works as a Marketing Writer for her alma mater, the University of South Carolina, where she writes articles on the college's events, faculty, students, and alumni, along with the marketing copy for the college's landing and home pages.

Aside from writing, she enjoys traveling, photography, tennis, yoga, and coffee.

Lauryn has her very own photography portfolio where she captures fashion, travel, and art:

You can also view her articles and her copywriting for Hasbro, The Black Leaf Tea, and UofSC here:


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