Goldeneye 64 Remake Might Not Be What We Actually Want

The legendary first-person shooting game is finally getting updated but there's just one problem.

Goldeneye in an N64 console
SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

One of the best first-person shooter games of all-time looks like it’s getting remade this year, as Goldeneye 007 appears to be getting an update to be available for Xbox later this year. Here is what we know so far.

Rumors of the James Bond classic getting updated have floated around the worldwide web for years but on January 1, TrueAchievements, a sit dedicated to tracking Xbox achievements, leaked a very intriguing discovery: a complete list of achievements for Goldeneye, including the maps, weapons, and characters from the iconic game.

That certainly points towards the game being remade for the Xbox and to add even more fuel to the speculative fire, the leak showed that the achievements had been unlocked by only two active gamer tags: BIGsheep and Waylander73. Why are these significant? Because they are believed to be the tags for James Thomas and Rich Cousins, developers at Rare Ltd., which is part of Xbox Game Studios.

For now, that’s all we really know. But that hasn’t stopped the internet from speculating, as it is wont to do. Many have noted that August 25 will be the 25th anniversary of the original game’s release, so it would make sense for the updated version to be released then, which certainly makes sense but once again, there has not been any actual confirmation from Xbox about the existence of the game, let alone when it will be available.

A legendary game like Goldeneye finally entering the world of modern gaming is exciting but of course, what we all really want is for it to be available for Switch. After all, Goldeneye was a N64 game so it’s only natural that it would find a home on the newest Nintendo console. But for now, it looks like it will be remade for Xbox first. The new Goldeneye is in development at Rare Ltd., so it is possible that it will be exclusive to Xbox.