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The Best Xbox Games for Kids and Parents

The best games to play together.

If you’re a video game-loving dad who has sworn allegiance to Microsoft’s console, you’ll need some age-appropriate games to play with the kids until they’re old enough to blast away in Halo or parkour from rooftop-to-rooftop in Assassin’s Creed.  But it can be difficult, with so many of the biggest and best video games full of kid-unfriendly content. Whether it’s sex, violence, or both, a fair share of the best Xbox One games are less than great for kids. And among family-friendly games, there are a lot of titles that just aren’t worth your hard-earned money.

So what are the best family friendly games for Xbox One? Here are some of our favorites. All of our picks are rated for everyone or everyone over 10. They have plentiful positive reviews from real players, and most importantly, they’re a blast to play. We hope our picks give parents and their kids plenty of options for family-friendly bonding activities. Whether it’s an underwater survival favorite or a reboot of a classic racing game, there’s something for families to enjoy on this list.

The latest version of this popular dance-in-time game includes earwormy tracks like Lil Nas X's Old Town Road, Billy Eilish's Bad Guy, Ariana Grande's 7 Rings, and Into the Unknown from Frozen 2. There are more than 40 songs on the disc, it's multiplayer, and there's a kids mode to help ensure age-appropriate songs are queued up. You also might have trouble keeping up with your kids, so be prepared to take a breather before they do.

This racing game features 15 players from the world of Sonic — don't sleep on Silver — and tons of items that players can use to get an edge. There's a team racing mode that makes it less competitive and more about working together as well as story mode that helps kids learn the ins and outs of the game in a way that's more structured than just jumping into full races.

Farming slime is the name of the game in this charming simulator. You play as Beatrix Leboa, who has traveled across the galaxy to try her hand at alien ranching. That means wearing a vacuum pack and sucking up adorable balls of slime, caring for them, and tending to your farm. It's silly, but seriously well executed. It's hours of fun.

This beautiful, inventive game is set in a hand-crafted solar system. Your job is solve the mysteries at the heart of it by traveling through a time loop. This is the rare game with a truly interesting science-fiction premise, and it's set in a complicated, intricate world whose mysteries unfold as you play. It is, however, just a single player experience. But it makes for a great switch-off group watch.

Kids love racing and they love getting dirty. That's why they love this game, which combines both of those avocations in a richly detailed, high-definition environment with realistic driving physics. There's plenty of action, from bumper tapping to full on wrecks, but nothing bloody or obscene, hence the E for Everyone rating.

This sequel to one of the best independent games for the Xbox One features gameplay that adds even more chaotic fun. As in the original, 1-4 players are part of a team of chefs whose job it is to prep, cook, and serve food in a busy kitchen. The kitchens on each level feature different layouts and obstacles, from moving walkways to magic portals, that get progressively more complex as you and your kids make your way through the game. And the settings themselves, from a hot air balloon to whitewater rafting, are creative and entertaining for young kids.

What Super Smash Bros. is to Nintendo, Kingdom Hearts is to Disney. The role-playing game franchise brings together characters from across the Disney universe, from Donald Duck to Buzz Lightyear. Your kids know them and love them, but the game doesn't rest on its intellectual property. Top-notch gameplay and a strong good vs. evil narrative make this a game that doesn't coast (as it easily could have).

This vertically-scrolling shooter puts you above a plane you control, avoiding other fighters and rounds as you try to shoot down enemies. There are tons of aircrafts and pilots to choose from, and RPG elements that let you add skills and weapons by playing and replaying different levels. And at just $20, you're getting a ton of game for your money.

Subnautica is a survival game that takes place almost entirely under the sea. You play as a diver whose life pod crashes into an alien ocean world, forcing him to live underwater. With a limited supply of air, the clock ticks as you search for resources and construct bases on the sea floor. There are plenty of menacing exotic creatures, beautiful coral reefs, kelp forests, and even volcanoes to explore and conquer.

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