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Everyone’s Sharing Their Favorite Conan Moments. Watch the 10 Best.

Here are some of the best moments from his final episode and his iconic late-night career.


After almost three decades of making millions of people laugh every night, Conan O’Brien officially said goodbye to late-night TV last night with the final episode of Conan, his long-running show on TBS, and the third late-night show of his iconic career.

Conan made a name for himself in the crowded world of late-night with his off-kilter sense of humor and his perfect balance of high brow and low brow comedic sensibilities. As his 28-year career in late-night began to wind down, fans took to social media to celebrate Conan and many shared some of their favorite moments from Conan, The Tonight Show, and Late Night.

Lights, Camera, Pod declared Paul Rudd’s Mac and Me prank on Conan as “the greatest running gag in television history” and shared a compilation of all the time the actor has done it on Conan’s show, including him sneaking his way into an interview with Bill Hader to prank Conan one final time.

Jeff D. Lowe also commemorated another one of Conan’s funniest long-running bits: when he would show insane clips from Walker, Texas Ranger out of context.

Former Late Night writer Brian Stack shared Conan’s Old Timey Baseball sketch from 2004, calling it “one of the funniest things that’s ever been on TV.”

Andrew Woods, host of the Weezer Bracket podcast, shared a thread of his favorite Conan moments, including “Hanks’ Secrets” and the time he “accidentally” booked Slipnuts instead of SlipKnot.

Another fan posted a hilarious early segment of him interviewing people at a Houston Bus Terminal at 3 AM, saying it “immediately turned me into a Conan fan.”

Saturday Night Live writer Steven Castillo shared Conan’s Tonight Show farewell monologue and declared Conan “the best to ever do it.”

Writer Vikram Murthi showed a clip that perfectly showed off Conan’s wit and insight, as he discusses an extremely dark ad for fans.

Conan was also a fantastic interviewer and Mike Beauvais shared a clip of his legendary chemistry with comedian Norm Macdonald.

Even Conan’s own TeamCoco account couldn’t resist sharing some highlights from his career, as they posted a video of some of his best comedy sketches.

And his best interviews as well.