Parents were shocked to discover what the dancing plant was actually singing about.


Walmart Pulls Foul-Mouthed Toy Cactus That Sings About Drugs

by Blake Harper
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A singing and dancing toy cactus is in the process of being removed from Walmart’s website after the discovery was made that one of the songs featured references to drugs, as well as a few obscenities. How did this foul-mouthed plant manage to make it onto the website in the first place? Because the song was not in English, it was in Polish.

Ania Tanner bought the cactus on Walmart’s website, thinking it would be the perfect Christmas gift for her granddaughter. Instead, Tanner, who is Polish but now lives in Ontario, was shocked to discover that the cactus was singing “Gdzie Jest Biały Węgorz,” a song from Polish rapper Cypis where he talks about being on “five grams of cocaine.”

Tanner said that she requested a refund from Walmart, which seems like a pretty reasonable request. She also said she hopes that the toy will not be sold anymore, as unsuspecting parents could accidentally be teaching their kids how to be potty mouths in Poland.

“I just don’t want anybody before Christmas thinking, ‘Oh, this could be a great toy,’ go online, order it, and have the same thing happen to them that happened to me,” she told CTV News.

When asked about the incident, a Walmart rep said that the product was from a third-party seller and that the megastore was in the process of removing the cactus from their website as they looked further into the complaint. Having just checked, it does look like there are still singing and dancing cactuses available but it’s possible that these are similar looking products that don’t feature the coke-fueled rap songs.

Another interesting wrinkle to the story is that Cypis was informed about his song being featured and said he was not aware. Now, he is reportedly seeking legal action against the toy manufacturer for using his song without permission.

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