This Map Reveals Each State’s Most Popular Holiday Toy

People are doing a ton of gaming.

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo

Are you searching for some last-minute

holiday shopping,? Well, you might be in luck, because a new map from HomeSnacks, calculated using Google Trends, shows the most popular gifts that people are searching for online, state-by-state. And while every state is different, it’s probably no surprise that people seemed to be the most interested in tech and gaming for their Christmas wishlists, given that the outdoors is canceled, although there were a few states that have been pining for Harry Potter and Barbie gear, clothes, and miscellaneous gifts. So, give the people what they want. Which, according to these calculations, is gaming. There’s the Playstation 5, popular in states including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Rhode Island, Louisiana, and the Xbox Series X/S, coveted in states like Nevada, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. The new Cyberpunk 2077 game is the most Googled in states like Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Assassins Creed Valhalla is popular in North Dakota and Idaho. People are also interested in upgrading their phones for all those Zoom calls, with California, New Jersey, Illinois, and Missouri searching for the iPhone 12. During the pandemic, it looks like Texans are looking to monitor their health with Apple Watches and Wisconsin and Iowa are pining for the Fitbit Versa.

As the temperature drops, Vermonters and New Yorkers are looking for North Face boots for those cold, blistering winters, and people in Connecticut are hoping for patio heaters. There are a few states’ choices that are harder to explain, however, like Indiana searching for the Anki Vector Robot, folks in Mississippi and South Carolina really wanting new Barbie toys for their kids, and Kentucky thinking of buying the Harry Potter Mystery Wand. Well, we can safely say that the map has illuminated a few things, mostly about reinforcing the popularity of two extremely sought-after and largely sold-out gaming consoles, but also highlighting many people’s interest in health trackers and probably newfound appreciation for patio heaters during the COVID-19 pandemic.