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Richard Chance for Fatherly

The 41 Best Gifts for Dads

Yes, even for the guy who (says he) has everything.

Like trying to shower without a toddler banging on the door, buying a gift for dad seems like a near-impossible task. It’s a problem of saturation: there are just so many options out there. Thousands of tools, tech, kitchen appliances, and clothes that don’t make him look dumpy await online.

So, how do you find something he’ll not only like but actually appreciate? Where do you even start? That’s why we went spelunking deep into the world of men’s gifts, vetting hundreds of items to find a list of holiday gifts that, we can confidently say, stand out from the rest of the pack. We guarantee you’ll find something here to make him smile, laugh, or, at least, feel appreciated. Letting him shower uninterrupted might be a nice gift, too.

When a wallet is just too puny, get dad this waterproof case, which has a smartphone divider tray, credit-card pockets and a cord management strap keep everything in place.

This thing is dust-proof. Impact-proof. Waterproof up to 30 minutes when submerged. Basically indestructible. And absolutely perfect when dad wants to get his outdoors fix without leaving any essentials at home.

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When he's back from hiking, or just hauling the kids around, his muscles might just well be aching, so get him this powerhouse four-speed massage gun.

In lieu of an actual massage, this bad boy gets the job done. He gets a four-speed muscle massage gun that delivers targeted pressure to use pre- and post-workout. Or just because.

Boos cutting boards are the best. And this one will make foodie dad very, very happy.

This cutting board is hardy enough for restaurants, but beautiful enough to serve as a cheese platter. It’s 12 inches square and 1.5 inches thick. And it’s made from sustainably sourced maple. 

Pendleton sweaters are classic, timeless, and perfect, just like dad.

This sweater is so cozy, so comfortable, he’ll never take it off. But when he does, this Shetland wool beauty is machine-washable. It has a crew neckline and ribbed-knit trim at hem, cuffs, and neck for some added oomph. 

This gorgeously weathered leather bag keeps electronics organized when dad’s traveling.

Does his workbag look like a tangle of charge cords and other loose necessities? This organizer corrals his cables, pens, and tools, as well as a phone, passports, and even SD cards. The more use it gets, the better the leather looks. It ages well. Just like dad. Tell him that at least. 

The cutest little guy in a galaxy far, far away (sorry Porgs) is immortalized on this comfy shirt.

Baby Yoda! Baby Yoda! Baby Yoda! The breakout star of The Mandalorian is proudly showcased on this casual, yet cool t-shirt.

Dad will never be unprepared with this leather belt, which includes #2 Philips and flathead screwdrivers, three 8/10/11mm wrenches for fixing gear and an integrated bottle opener.

A leather belt is about as inspired a gift as a pair of black socks. However, a belt that doubles as a toolbelt? He’ll be into it.

This cashmere scarf feels like 900 warm hugs.

No, a scarf isn’t exactly a groundbreaking present. But with this cashmere scarf, it doesn’t matter. It’s warm. It’s comfortable. He’ll dig it.

This solid cologne is subtle and woodsy and is to be rubbed on, not sprayed.

A signature, non-spritz scent is something any man should have. This solid cologne is made with jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax, and its subtle blend of cardamom, mandarin, and leather smells distinguished without being overpowering.

This waterproof duffle bag is the ideal carrier of gym clothes and beyond.

A good duffle bag is a staple of every guy’s collection. Made from rip-proof and weatherproof 100 percent recycled 600D nylon canvas and featuring a large handle for easy carrying, this duffel bag is an ideal buy.

This refurbished version of the console that dominated the 90s comes pre-loaded with hundreds of games

Did he spend hours playing Goldeneye during his youth? Remind him of happy hours spent slaughtering his friends with this still-great relic of the 1990s, which is pre-loaded with hundreds of games.

A door mounted hoop that lets him work on his sky hook

There’s nothing wrong with busy hands and nothing wrong with ballin’ indoors. This door-mounted net and foam ball combo is good for hours of fun or — better yet — the office, where it provides a minor distraction from majorly frustrating conference calls.

Written where true crime meets deep introspection, this is a book about the ways men are mysteries to themselves.

David Carr was beloved by journalists not only because he walked the media beat for the Times, but because he did so with swagger and a degree of honesty that few ever muster. He didn’t have an easy life and spent years struggling with addiction. This story of a man attempting to understand his own bad behavior is not just moving, it’s profound.

Finally, a really great way to roughhouse with the kids.

The only thing more fun than roughhousing is roughhousing without the fear of consequences. This set gives dad an opportunity to play a little bit rough with the kids, throwing his weight around on the soccer field in the way he fantasizes about from the sidelines.

Happy memories of the arcade aren't enough. It's time to relive those glory days.

Laser Tag is, simply put, fun. It’s fun indoors. It’s fun outdoors. It’s great. Let dad in on the action with the easy-to-use set. Will the kids and their friends gang up and attack him? Absolutely, but there’s a particular joy in getting to be the big bad.

For the dad who loves workouts and superheroes, get him this stunner of a smartwatch.

This Garmin smartwatch has blue, silver, and brown leather elements and a brushed stainless steel bezel modeled after Captain America’s shield. It has a display resolution is 260 x 260 pixels, and the display size is 1.3 inches in diameter. But most of all, it looks truly dope and the case back of the watch is emblazoned with Captain America’s saying, “I can do this all day.”  A shoe-in for any Marvel lover. 

So dad is into stargazing? He'll see the Big Dipper with this ingenious portable travel telescope that he can take on his outdoor adventures.

Astronomy has never looked this good, thanks to the handy Celestron portable scope. You get fully-coated glass optics, a powerful 70mm objective lens, a lightweight frame, and a custom backpack to carry it all around.

If dad loves his home-improvement and DIY projects, he'll be wowed by this personalized hammer, featuring a laser-engraved saying your choice.

This is a full-sized hammer with a steel head. You figure out a quote, or dates, that mean something to dad, and have it engraved on the front side of the hammer. Because this is laser engraving, it’s permanent and will never rub off.

These crystal clear wireless headphones are the best ones for audiophiles.

Hard to believe but these Bluetooth headphones sound even better than they look. Nice features abound, including three different app-controlled, noise-canceling modes so users can select to have some, less, and no ambient noise filter in. In other words, they’re great for dads who want to listen to something but need to keep an ear out for kid chaos. When he does need to take them off, they automatically pause, resuming music when he puts them back on.

This multitool fits all the tools you could ever need for a camping excursion in one stunning package.

The Leatherman is a classic, must-have multi-tool that has stuck around for 30+ years for a reason. The tools are portable, handsome, and, above all else, super useful. The Leatherman Wave Plus is no exception. This tool features a nifty one-handed design and features 17 tools including  pliers, replaceable wire cutters, wire strippers, plain and serrated knives, a saw, spring-action scissors, a ruler, files, and screwdrivers. 

Spicy and substantial, Four Roses Small Batch Select is a welcome addition to the brand’s core line up. Bottled at 104 proof, Small Batch Select is a fruit forward whiskey with notes of chocolate and nuts balancing a substantial spice. One thing’s for certain: this will sell quickly. So keep your eyes peeled and stock up. 

Buy Now $65

This handsome dopp kit has a water-resistant lining for an easy wipe down.

When on the road, everyone needs a place to stash their toiletries without worrying that they’ll be a foamy disaster when they arrive at their hotel. This dopp kit an hold everything from cologne and shaving tools to trimmers and toothbrushes. It’s also water resistant so it will be fine in the event of a TSA-influenced shampoo-explosion. 

Bad hair day? Never, not with this ruggedly good-looking Carhartt beanie.

This hat, so simple yet so perfect, combines waffle-knit and 3M Thinsulate lining to keep his noggin warm, no matter how gnarly the weather is.

A paper plane dad controls from his phone.

With this kit, a simple paper plane turns into a phone-controlled flyer that can go up to 180 feet. It’s as simple as it is brilliant.

There's a time and a place for minimalist wallets, but if dad needs something a tad bigger, go with this beauty that's slim yet roomy.

We dig everything about this wallet, from its vegetable-tanned leather to its durability to its surprising roominess. It holds unfolded bills in a full-length pocket, has six card slots, and features an international currency pocket.

This is simply the best-looking sandwich box for the modern brown bagger.

Packing your lunch is a simple way to eat healthier, control your portions, and save money. You’d be hard pressed to find a better take-to-work food container. Durable and tight sealing, it fits a good portion of food and, best yet, its bamboo lid doubles as a cutting board.

This year, Glenmorangie updated its venerable Quinta Ruban expression. Previously a 12 year finished in port wine casks, the new iteration receives two additional years of aging. Those additional 730 days give the whisky added complexity and deeper, distinct notes of orange, chocolate and apple that compliment the juicy berry and rich nuttiness imparted by the the port finish.

Buy Now $69

The ultimate super-sized kickball set for the dad who likes to let it rip.

You could get a ball. Or you get a ball that’s twice the size of his head. This massive kickball set includes one oversized ball, three bases, one home plate, one pump, and hours of remorseless good times. 

The most powerful Nerf on the market, for the dad who feels the need to shoot darts an astounding 120 feet.

The Ultra One is the first blaster to use Nerf’s brand-new Nerf Ultra darts, the “farthest flying Nerf darts ever.” The new design features an innovative flight tip, lightweight foam construction, and “aerofin” technology, basically a grooved surface that decreases wind resistance.

For the gamer dad, here's a less expensive but equally entertaining take on the wildly successful console that’s now insanely portable.

Where the original Switch could be plugged into a TV, the Switch Lite cannot. It’s a purely handheld gaming machine, which means it’s not compatible with Nintendo Switch games that don’t support that gaming style, and it’s perfect for gaming on the go.

Give him the best shave possible with this beautiful safety razor.

He gets a customized shave with this razor, which has six fully adjustable settings thanks to the different plates he can swap out. They work on every skin type and every beard length. Oh, and the razor looks damn fine, too.

For the dad who digs retro photos, get him the Polaroid Lab that converts digital pics on his phone to real Polaroid prints through the app.

The Polaroid Lab projects the photo from his phone, exposing it onto Polaroid film. It’s low-fi and moody, but it produces a vintage result difficult to match with filters and other modern hacks. And he’ll wind up with very dope-looking keepsakes. 

A journal is an essential for all dads — this leather one looks the part.

It’s all in the details. This leather journal has a brass stud closure, and includes one custom five-by-eight memo pad. The inside pocket fits extra documents and includes a pen/pencil slot.

From hikes to the beach, this is the ultimate weekending backpack.

If dad is lugging around his travel gear, or merely stuff to the office, he’ll appreciate this new Osprey backpack. It has a breathable back panel, a soft harness, and an adjustable sternum strap — making it ideal for long day hikes. And of course, there’s room for all his tech, plus mesh side pockets to he an access everything he needs. Oh, right, and it weighs just over one pound. 

Technically, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon doesn’t release until September 2, in commemoration of Brown-Forman founder George Garvin Brown’s birthday. But we want to remind you to start making nice with your liquor store owner now on the off chance you can charm your way into getting them to set one aside for you. We tasted a small, early sample, and the 2019 Birthday is has notes of dark fruit and maple as well as seasoned oak and some mint and pepper. It’s a hell of a bottle. 

Buy Now $100

This pocket-sized pen is far mightier, converting into a screwdriver, bottle opener, and phone stand.

Whether he has a thing for James Bond-ian tools that transform into different items or just would like something that makes his ockets a bit less bulky, this ballpoint pen features a stylus, bottle opener, mini flat-head, Phillips screwdriver, metric and inch ruler, plus a phone stand.

This bike-packing tent stuffs down to a bike-friendly size and has its own sack that straps to his bars.


When unpacked, this tent is a roomy 17 feet in size. It’s made of 45-denier nylon with three mesh panels for ventilation and is fully waterproof. And instead of using poles, the Bikamper uses the bike’s front wheel to maintain its shape.

These hardcore sports sunglasses will help dad protect his eyes when he's at the beach, on hikes, or when he's on a boat.

These workhorse outdoors sunglasses have it all: They block out UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400mm. The lenses are made of ultra lightweight Plutonite, so they won’t crack or break. And he gets killer clarity at every angle. 

They're chic, comfortable, and something dad will wear all day, every day.

A simple pair of durable boots always serve a purpose. These are made of 2.5-millimeter-thick weather-proof leather, feature a shock protection system, and have a removable Cambrelle footbed that wicks moisture away. They’re tough, comfortable, and warm.

The release of Michter’s 10 Year Rye (as well as their bourbon) is always cause to celebrate. It’s always a special bottle we are keen to add to the bar and this year’s edition is particularly delightful, not only because it’s delicious but it’s also the first release newly-minted Master Distiller Dan McKee. Supple vanilla rolls around the palate, while caramel and touch of salt play off the peppery rye spice. 

Buy Now $175

The perfect sweater, this one feel ridiculously soft, like dad is wearing a warm hug.

Both deliciously lightweight and yet decadently luxurious, this is a winter wardrobe staple. The sweater, made from soft baby yak wool, works just as well under a leather jacket as it does paired with jeans and sneakers.

These Stan Smith sneakers fully capture the clean style of the '70s original and never look dated.

Think tennis icons like Jimmy Connors or John McEnroe. Those dudes inspired this Stan Smith classic, which features a sleek upper with three perforated stripes for breathability. They have a full grain leather upper with a soft moisture-wicking lining, so his feet won’t stink (much). Hey, even Kanye and Alexander Skarsgård have worn them.

No, it’s not entirely whiskey, but the Basil Hayden Caribbean Reserve Rye is none the less delicious. A blend of Kentucky rye and Canadian rye, plus a touch of black strap Caribbean rum. The result is a mouthwatering glass of hooch. That small portion of rum goes a long way, giving the juice strong notes of burnt sugar and rum spice, that plays nicely with the rye’s vanilla and oak.

Buy Now $53

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