The 7 Most Hilarious Reactions to the Disney+ Outages

It turns out a lot of people were really pissed off that they couldn't watch their favorite old school television show at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday.

The Daily Show/ Comedy Central

Disney+ launched yesterday, November 12, and immediately faced major service issues upon launch. Whole swathes of the United States struggled to keep a solid connection to the platform for the hungry audiences who wanted to watch old school classics like High School Musical and brand new television shows based on the Star Wars universe like The Mandalorian. Outages were widespread across the country — interactive maps were even made to show where outages were happening — and hungry consumers were, well, let’s say they were more than a little peeved. But because the internet is the internet: a chaotic, fun, funny, and terrible place, people didn’t just suffer, staring at the 404 page alone. Instead, they turned to memes about the Disney+ outages and, dear reader, those memes are funny.

Perhaps the funniest came from The Daily Show’s account, which portrayed classic Disney characters in absolutely horrific moments:

One person who posited that Disney didn’t really care about the platform issues:

Another who blamed Hannah Montana, a titular Disney classic, for the crash:


Another person having an absolute breakdown because they couldn’t watch The Mandalorian:

One person absolutely clowning on the Netflix Marvel superhero series Luke Cage, for some reason:

Another with extremely low expectations for day two of Disney+:

Not everyone has had a bad time on the app, though, and took to Twitter to gloat about their great coverage instead:

Hopefully, going forward, Disney+ will be more calm and less buggy than launch day. It’s fairly typical for hotly anticipated new platforms or video games to crash on launch day — but given the overwhelming amount of financial resources that Disney has at its fingertips, it is more than a little surprising that the launch was so catastrophic. I guess people really wanted to watch their Lizzie McGuire.

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