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Disney+ Problems: Crashing, Weird Airtimes, and Confusing Bundles

There are some big blindspots with Disney's new streaming service. Let's break it down.


Disney+ is now officially live. If you’re anything like most parents, you’re looking forward to having the entire Disney vault at your fingertips, and you’re more than a little curious about these original shows, and weird Star Wars stuff, including the new series, The Mandalorian.

But, there are a few nitty-gritty problems that you might be grappling with now that it’s live. Here are the biggest issues with Disney+; from app crashing to confusing pricing with the bundles, plus advice on how to navigate it all.

The service is crashing. A lot

Whether you’re watching Disney+ on your laptop, on your smartphone, or a smart TV app like PS4 or Roku, the chances are, you’ve experienced at least one crash or freeze so far. What can we do about this? Right now, nothing. But, it does seem like the crashes are, for now, fairly short-lived. However, some folks are reporting that they can’t use the service at all.

Hulu and ESPN Bundle is confusing, but there’s a solution.

You may have heard about a super-great bundle deal Disney+ is offering where you get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN for about the same price as Netflix. But, up until very recently, it was pretty confusing how you get that bundle and what you’re supposed to do if you already have a Hulu or ESPN account. Now, half of that question has been answered.

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As of now, you can buy the $12.99 Hulu/ESPN/Disney+ bundle right here. 

What if you already have a Hulu or ESPN account? Disney+ apparently has that covered. If you already have a Disney+ account, go to your account settings and click on the option called “bundle and save.” This also gives you an option to click on something that says “Already a Dinsey+, Hulu or ESPN subscriber?” Which will then give you this message:

Credit: Disney+

Basically, it’s complicated, but there is now a solution.

Exact Airtimes for New Shows Will Be Very Early in the Morning

Want to watch The Mandalorian the second it starts airing? More importantly, want to avoid the spoilers? Tough luck. Even though The Mandalorian is a prime-time-ish show, it starts airing its new episodes on the morning the episodes drop. On day one, the first episode (Chapter 1) was online at 5 am EST.

So basically, you’ll have to get up early, if you don’t want to be spoiled on the first episode of The Mandalorian or subsequent episodes. It’s unclear if Disney+ will follow this same policy for all its big new shows going forward. When CBS All-Access launched Star Trek: Discovery as a streaming-only TV show in 2017, the episodes dropped around 8:30 pm at night, essentially, prime time. This is also true for how Hulu handles the period releases of shows like The Handmaid’s Tale. Why is Disney+ is putting a prime TV show that isn’t being released in a bing-model online so early in the day? Nobody knows, and nobody knows if they’ll keep doing it for the whole series, or the new Marvel shows — like Loki — next year.

Disney+ is live now, assuming you can get it to work. Here’s everything you need to know about signing-up.