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How To Subscribe to Disney+ Before It Starts Streaming

The new streaming channel to rule them all is coming very soon. Here's what to know about how to get in on it early.

If you want to get in early on Disney+; the new streaming service is now offering pre-order subscriptions. Here’s how to sign-up early.

On November 12, 2019, families everywhere will have a brand-new streaming service, one that could, quite possibly, replace most family oriented-streaming needs. We’re talking about Disney+; the epic home for the entire catalog of Disney animated films (previously known as “the vault”) as well as a ton of original programming including new Star Wars live-action TV shows and Marvel TV shows centered on super-popular actors and characters.

But, how do you get a jump on signing up for Disney+? How much does it cost?

As of right now, you can sign-up for the $6.99-a-month package, which includes a 7-day “free” trial. You can also go ahead and sign-up for $69.99 for a year, which will save you 13 bucks. Here are both those links

Right now, these two options do not include the Disney+ Hulu and ESPN package. That costs $12.99 a month, but how to subscribe for that ahead of time hasn’t been explained yet.

Still, because this latter option is pretty much the same price as Netflix, it will be hard to justify not signing up. However, it’s unclear if this pricing is only an introductory offer, or if the price for Disney+ will increase after a year or so. It’s also unclear right now what happens if you already have a Hulu account. Either way, you may want to hold off on getting the Disney+ pre-paid, until the Hulu bundle buy-buttons go live.

Once it launches, Disney+ will be available on the following devices:

  • Apple iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, and Apple TVs
  • Google Android phones and tablets, Android TV devices, Google Chromecasts, and TVs with built-in Chromecast software
  • Microsoft Xbox One
  • Sony Android-based TVs and PlayStation 4
  • Roku streaming players and TV’s with built-in Roku software

It’s a pretty comprehensive list with one huge omission: Amazon. Fire tablets and Fire TV devices will not, as of now, support Disney+.

In terms of movies, nearly every single animated Disney movie will be on the service, which represents a huge paradigm shift from previous years. So, that means, for only $6.99 a month you’ll be able to watch The Little Mermaid as easily as the OG Mary Poppins. Apparently, this will also include most Star Wars movies, too.

Disney+ launches on November 12.

This article will be updated as new information becomes available.