“Get this wiggly thing away from me.”


Michael Che Has No Interest in Babysitting ScarJo and Colin Jost's Baby

by Devan McGuinness

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost welcomed a baby boy recently and while they could probably use a night alone, there’s one person in their inner circle who has no interest in babysitting: Michael Che.

Michael, who works with Colin on Saturday Night Live, visited Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and explained that he has zero interest in babysitting Cosmo, the little one Scarlett and Colin welcomed in August. So he might be happy being the baby’s publicist, but he certainly has no interest in dealing with some poopy diapers.

Michael said that Cosmo is a “cute kid,” and acknowledged he’s “an adorable baby.” But they don’t stay cute and fun for long, and that’s why he has no interest in babysitting. “Babies are fun for like a second,” he explained.

“You know, they don’t do much after you’ve looked at them and they’re just staring at you trying to keep their head on straight,” Michael continued. “It’s like ‘Get this wiggly thing away from me.’”

It’s safe to say he doesn’t like babysitting, though he said that he’s “actually a great babysitter,” and he has had loads of practice.

“I’ve been babysitting my whole life. I have nieces and nephews that are like three years younger than me. I’ve been babysitting them since they were babies. Since I was a baby, actually,” he joked.

In August, Colin shared the news that he and Scarlett had a baby, and he joked about Michael. “Ok Ok, we had a baby,” Colin said on Instagram at the time. “His name is Cosmo. We love him very much.”

The second slide of his announcement went on to say, “Privacy would be greatly appreciated.” And directing people with questions to their publicist. “For all inquiries, please contact our publicist @chethinks (Michael Che).”

Michael did offer one piece of advice he discovered from all his babysitting experience. He said the secret to getting a baby to sleep is to “just let you cry until you’re sleepy.” So, chances are Scarlett and Colin won’t be asking him to watch their kid anytime soon anyway.