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Scarjo and Colin Jost Reveal Baby Name, Alongside Baby Publicist, Michael Che

"Ok Ok, we had a baby," Colin said.


Happy news is in the air for Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost, who welcomed their first child together, and Scarlett Johansson’s second. Colin, who is notoriously quiet about his personal life, shared the baby news with the public (and didn’t even confirm his wife’s pregnancy until days ago.) And, of course, there was a hilarious twist to the whole announcement.

People first confirmed the news through a source that the couple welcomed their first baby together. Joining 7-year-old Rose Dorothy, Colin confirmed on Instagram on August 18 that he and Scarlett welcomed a baby boy into the world named Cosmo.

Ok Ok, we had a baby,” Colin said on Instagram. “His name is Cosmo. We love him very much.” The second slide of his announcement went on to say, “Privacy would be greatly appreciated.” And directing people with questions to their publicist. “For all inquiries, please contact our publicist @chethinks.”

Of course, the person Colin tagged on Instagram as his “publicist” is fellow Saturday Night Live comedian Michael Che. So it’s either a joke between the two of them or it’s a hilarious prank Colin is playing on Michael.

Either way, Michael seems to be taking it in stride. On his Instagram profile, he updated his bio to read, “Cosmo’s publicist,” and people not in on the joke have been reaching out for details on Scarlett’s and Colin’s baby.

And Michael has been sharing fan inquiries about the new baby to his Instagram Stories. “Your buddy married Scarlett Freaking Johansson and you’re mad we are being nosy??” one person asked. “She’s an A list actress of course we wanna know if she had her baby and if her and baby are ok!! When Rose was born it was plastered everywhere and wasn’t some big secret. Don’t gaslight us, tell us the info Mr. Cosmos Publicist.”

And Michael had a cheeky response to that as well. “Was it really plastered everywhere? Gee, wonder why they’d wanna NOT go thru that again..”

He’s right. Fans aren’t owed information about celebrities’ babies. And chances are, given how private Scarlett and Colin are, we can’t really even know for sure if they did have a baby. We don’t know if they really had a boy. And we don’t know if his name is really Cosmo. And that’s totally OK. Either way, congratulations to the happy couple!