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13 Great Gifts For Your (Very) Pregnant Wife

Because the third trimester really, really sucks.

Gifts for pregnant women should not, under any circumstances, mimic the practical yet generally mundane baby gear that’s on the registry. Because let’s face it: If your kid is arriving soon, your stress is likely rising, but your wife’s is off the charts. It’s the third trimester, so she’s likely uncomfortable and anxious and hungry and sore. That means it’s a good time to offer something extra, something above and beyond, in the form of a resonant pregnancy gift. These are best gifts for your pregnant wife, or just gifts for expecting moms, that tell her you took that extra moment to really think about what matters to her.

Aromatherapy isn't just a fancy buzzword. It works. So get her this standout diffuser, plus her favorite scents to help her relax and sleep. She uses just 10-20 drops of the essential oil of her choice (we like lavender) to diffuse up to 540 square feet of room, for three hours.

Everyone needs a good laugh. And even when the offspring are a pain in the ass, these socks will remind her that no matter, they're worth it.

This nine inch digital photo frame has unbelievable clarity, thanks to its 1600 x 1200 resolution. It has automatic color correction and light balance, and connects to her phone, so she can showcase the most recent snaps of her pregnancy and the new arrival; she just swipes the touch bar to swap out photos. Plus, she can share pictures with anyone in her inner circle.

Jennifer Meyer makes delicate, refined jewelry that's timeless. Case in point is this 18k gold mommy necklace, a sublime piece she'll treasure forever.

Because no, she doesn't always want to tote around a fully-loaded diaper bag. This understated one has a 5 liter capacity, a drawstring closure, an adjustable shoulder strap, and an interior pocket. The fabric wipes clean, and is water-repellant.

Get her a beautiful glass water bottle so she always stays hydrated. This one has a protective silicone sleeve, and is dishwasher-safe.

Take a cue from David Beckham: Rings aren’t a one-and-done deal. Without a Beckham-sized budget, however, we love the elegant simplicity of these rose gold stacking rings. The understated hammered bands are an elegant means of showing her that, if given the choice, you’d do it all over again.

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Chances are, she'll be breastfeeding your child. So pay tribute to that source of nourishment with this whimsical puzzle designed by Julia Heffernan. After she's done putting together the 450 pieces, she can display the creation forever and ever, because it comes with its own stands.

She'll be wearing her hair back. All the damn time. So upgrade her updo, or ponytail, with these pretty, and washable, silk scrunchies.

Milk Bar has great desserts. But its most standout menu item is this cookie. It's that good. She'll get chocolate chips in a deep vanilla base, plus pretzels, potato chips, graham crackers, coffee, oats, and butterscotch. There are 12 cookies per container.

These breathable, soft, comfortable, stylish slip-ons are the most comfortable shoes she'll ever wear, either at home, in the yard, or when she takes the baby out for a walk. Oh, and they're machine washable. Pick whatever color combo she likes.

Speaking of sleep, this sound machine lets her choose between 16 different sounds and white noise, until she finds something that works. It has two sleep timers and a continuous play option.

Yes, technically these products are meant for the baby. But they're luxe enough for adult use, and then some, from the skincare brand on the forefront of the so-called clean beauty movement. The set includes a soothing oil, a body wash, and a protective balm.

The fourth trimester is that time after she gives birth, when nothing really fits. And all she wants is comfort. This is the perfect dress, because it's soft, chic, and has a v-neck design that allows her to breastfeed with ease.

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