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12 Great Gifts For Your (Very) Pregnant Wife

From robes and belly balms to leggings and water bottles.

So your first — or next — kid is coming soon. While your stress is rising, your pregnant wife’s is likely off the chart. It’s the third trimester, so she’s likely uncomfortable and anxious and hungry and sore. That means it’s a good time to offer something extra, something above and beyond, to help ease these final days. Which is why we’ve collected this range of gifts, from robes and belly balms to leggings and water bottles, that can make her feel more at ease.

Sisters Body Complete Set Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash

This three-product kit from Sisters Body uses essential oils for its fragrances. The shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are also free from all the preservatives, sulfates, PEGs, silicones, and parabens of others. Combined, the package is a triple-treat for your partner to smell her best while relaxing into the aromas. Bonus: SB donates 40 percent of its profits to women’s health causes.

Buy Now $68

Blanqi Everyday Maternity Belly Support Leggings

If you haven’t yet figured it out, let us be the first to drop this nugget of truth: Your lady will practically live in her leggings. The Everyday Maternity Belly Support Leggings grow with her through the pregnancy, offering targeted belly support that increases the more she needs it. Plus, she’ll love the flattering cut and buttery soft materials, which are reminiscent of a certain Canadian company’s legendary yoga pants.

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Birkenstock Mayari Sandals

Birkenstocks haven’t been hot with women in decades, but these renaissance sandals are more than just window-dressing. For mamas-to-be, their legendary cork footbeds offer moldable support, which helps with the baby’s added weight, while the lace-free design means she doesn’t have to struggle to slip them on.

Buy Now $125

Bkr Fifth Ave. 1L

You need water, but she needs more, both with the heat and with the baby. Bkr is a niche brand with a big reach, and its thick silicon-covered glass bottles are lust-worthy with women around the country. Pampering and practical, the liter-holding jug is the best of both worlds.

Buy Now $48

Hatch Cashmere Robe

While this 100-percent Cashmere Robe will test your limits —and your credit card’s — on its price, trust us, she’ll love it. The smooth, breathable knit is pure pampering, and with its blousy fit, she can wear it from the first trimester through the third, regardless of the season.

Buy Now $378

Badger Belly Butter

Utilizing a base of olive, sunflower, and coconut oils as well as cocoa butter and the aromatic calendula flower, this pregnancy belly balm is great during and after pregnancy, but especially late-term, when taut skin feels most uncomfortable.

Buy Now $10

Jung Maven Hemp Sheets

Nesting naturally happens when the time is near for your newborn, and a new set of sheets is just the thing to enliven the bedroom while the nursery gets in order. Plus, she’ll sleep better when she’s more comfortable. We loved the unbleached Hemp Sheets from the first night, but we loved them best after the 20th wash, as each spin through made them softer. Think of these as your — and her — favorite jeans, which just get better with age.

Buy Now $298

Belly Bandit 2-in-1 Bandit

Sure, the 2-in-1 Bandit offers her support and compression throughout her pregnancy, and it does it well — few maternity companies can claim a decade in the business, as Belly Bandit does. But the reason we love this product is because of its versatility. After birth, it can still be used as a hip and back wrap, thanks to a dual-band design that can be adjusted for fit and circumference both during and after.

Buy Now $40

Leachco Snoogle

This C-shaped pillow may look strange, but its intuitive design provides tummy, knee, head, and back support. While its basic model features a cotton/poly blend cover, for those that want it, a 100-percent organic cotton sham is also available.

Buy Now $58

Praxis Jewelry Pink Gold Stacking Rings

Take a cue from David Beckham: Rings aren’t a one-and-done deal. Without a Beckham-sized budget, however, we love the elegant simplicity of these rose gold Stacking Rings. The understated hammered bands may not get her a feature in Harper’s, but they’re an elegant means of showing her that, if given the choice, you’d do it all over again.

Buy Now $176

Lululemon Go Getter Bag

Odds are you’ve already assembled your hospital go-bag. Double or nothing it’s some semi-stained backpack from a team-building workshop three years ago. Our advice? Blow it out on the Go Getter bag, a 26-liter catchall with external pockets for organization, a 15-inch padded laptop slot, and a removable heat-resistant compartment for a hair straightener. Triple or nothing she keeps using it long after the kiddo’s sleeping through the night.

Buy Now $148