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The Best Gifts for New Moms

Because the third trimester really, really sucks.

Gifts for pregnant women should not, under any circumstances, mimic the practical yet generally mundane baby gear that’s on the registry. Because let’s face it: If your kid is arriving soon, your stress is likely rising, but your wife’s is off the charts. It’s the third trimester, so she’s likely uncomfortable and anxious and hungry and sore. That means it’s a good time to offer something extra, something above and beyond, in the form of a resonant pregnancy gift. These are best gifts for your pregnant wife, or just gifts for expecting moms, that tell her you took that extra moment to really think about what matters to her.

So she's going to push out a human. Your human. Get her something that makes her feel human, too. This box has everything she needs: Organic bamboo briefs, an organic bamboo nursing-friendly nightgown, a matching organic bamboo robe, and ultra-soft socks to keep her feet warm.

Meet her new hospital bag. It's made from water-repellant fabric. It has padded handles, a quick-access phone pocket, an exterior water bottle pocket, and room for a 16 inch laptop. In other words, it fits all her essentials, and then some.

Something a little luxurious to pack in her hospital bag: Travel-sized tummy rub butter, tummy rub scrub, leg oil, and a hydrating cream for her breasts. From a brand that caters specifically to expectant moms.

These 14 karat gold and diamond studs are playfully brilliant. And they're exactly what she needs to brighten her day.

As she's getting into nesting mode, this keepsake box is a wonderful way to being storing those fleeting memories, from the first sonogram to delivery day. It has acid-free drawers, vertical files for documents, and mini envelopes for that first lock of hair or first tooth, plus illustrated labels help you organize and then find these items years later. She'll thank you for it.

Candles are a dime a dozen. Not this candle, which honors a female astronomer of ancient Greece. It's floral, spicy, and so, so fresh, with hints of mimosa and tobacco. The scent is heady, and we love the hidden quote on the inside: 'It is in general the unexplored that attracts us.' Indeed.

Barbara Sturm's skincare is beloved worldwide, for a reason. It really does work. Her kids' products are just as great and let it be noted, are perfect for moms as well since Sturm uses non-irritating and fragrance-free ingredients to take care of the skin. The set includes face cream, bathing milk, and shampoo, plus a cuddy rabbit because there's no wrong time for a cuddly rabbit.

Sometimes a scarf is just a scarf. Or in this case, it's a warm wrap, a handy cardigan, or customizable infinity scarf. The fabric is stretchy, and the scarf has snaps on either end so she can customize the look and fit. Meaning, it goes from accessory to nursing coverup to sweater, in a New York minute.

If she needs a little boost in the morning, a dry brush may be the answer. It gets the blood flowing, wakes her up, and energizes her. An invigorating way to start the day.

Almost as good as an actual foot rub are these elegant linen slippers, perfect when she has to get up for midnight feedings or bathroom breaks.

She can wear this while pregnant. She can throw this on while nursing. She can take a nap in it. Suffice to say, this versatile cardigan is a fashion staple. It's made of airy alpaca yarn, has two patch pockets, and an extra-long length that's universally flattering.

So she already has a baby name picked out? Here's another standout from LA-based designer Zoe Lev: A 14 karat sold gold necklace, featuring up to five letters of your choice. All connected on a delicate cable link chain necklace available in 14k yellow, white and rose gold.

Baby brain is a thing. It's when she forgets where she put her keys or phone or wallet. Help stop that thing called baby brain with this gorgeous valet tray, which is made of leather and belongs on her nightstand. It makes organizing not just doable, but desirable.

If any brand won the pandemic, it's Barefoot Dreams; its blankets are so cozy, they sold out over and over and over again. This set is like that wearable blanket, but prettier. The robe has relaxed open sleeves with satin trim, with matching washable slippers and a reversible satin sleep mask with satin band. Perfect for home. The hospital. Wherever.

So soft it feels as close to wearing nothing as you can get, this understated babydoll nightie will make her feel as beautiful as she looks.

Another handy gift she'd never think to get for herself: A leather valet tray for her keys, rings, and face mask, that also charges her devices. Perfect for her bedside table. And yes, you can monogram it.

If her idea of winding down is a relaxing cup of tea and a good book, you can't do better than this teapot. It has a built in, removable stainless steel filter, so she can steep tea leaves to her desired strength. And we like the copper-finish lid, which adds a nice modern touch.

We can't stress this enough: It's the little things that make the biggest impact. She breathes in the soothing, calming scents of lavender and chamomile when she places this cashmere pillow over her eyes. The removable organic cotton inner pillow is washable.

Something so basic yet so smart: These bands let her scrub her own back in the shower. Something she can't do while heavily pregnant. One side has a textured, loofah-like surface, while the other side has a soft, smooth microfiber surface for massaging the skin.

Because of its relaxed fit and slight flare, this is something she can wear now, and down the line. It's made of organic French terry, and features a classic crew neckline, dropped shoulders, voluminous three-quarter sleeves, and an above-the-knee length.

Pregnancy can lead to stretch marks. It's a reality for most moms. This set belongs in her arsenal, because it's specifically made to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. She gets a stretch mark oil to hydrate her skin, a cream to to keep everything smooth, and a butter to provide total nourishment. This, from a brand based in Los Angeles and known for using USDA-certified organic ingredients as much as possible in its formulations.

Ever tried tying your shoelaces when you're nine months pregnant? Yeah, didn't think so. She needs slip ons. And these are the best slip ons. They're breathable, machine-washable, and conform to the shape of her foot.

Milk Bar has great desserts, as we already noted. But this cookie. It's that good. She'll get chocolate chips in a deep vanilla base, plus pretzels, potato chips, graham crackers, coffee, oats, and butterscotch. There are 12 cookies per container.

This wonderfully packaged kit includes everything she needs post-delivery, and makes necessities look pretty and appealing. The kit includes cooling peri spray made with alcohol-free witch hazel, cucumber, and peppermint. The kit includes sitz salts, which are used to soak the vaginal area and provide some relief, plus a sitz bath tub that can clear up hemorrhoids when used with epsom salts and fits right over the toilet seat. Plus, there are mesh, 14 oversized maxi pads, and stool softener. There's also a belly band, but that's extra.

Pregnant women tend to run hot at night. So help her sleep better with this cooling silk pillowcase. It protects her skin and hair from friction damage, and is eminently breathable.

Jennifer Meyer makes delicate, tasteful jewelry that's timeless. Case in point is this 18k gold mommy necklace, a gorgeous piece she'll treasure forever.

The third trimester is about nesting and getting ready for labor and delivery. This blanket checks all those boxes. It's deliriously soft faux fur, so she can chill with it indoors while reading. And she can take it to the hospital with her, for a little touch of something fancy and special.

She's got your heart on lock. You can enrage this necklace on either the front or back of the charm. It's a combo of 18k gold vermeil and 18k gold-plated brass.

When she's ready to leave the house, she'll do so toting what is quite possibly the smartest bag we've seen. This one too is made from water-repellant fabric and has a deep, zippered pocket, and an interior zippered pocket. It's a handy crossbody that fits all her essentials and looks good doing it.

Pregnancy brain is real and it's insidious. This leather case, from a family-owned small business in Charleston, South Carolina, keeps her AirPods secure and lets her charge them. She can attach the case to her hospital bag. So pick her favorite color and you're in business.

Give her morning an immediate upgrade with this gracious set of stoneware mugs. Each one is handmade, and is unique as she is. Even better, the 16 ounce mugs are oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

She needs to stay hydrated. Make sure that happens with this self-cleaning water bottle, which uses UV-C LED technology to sanitize water and clean the gross inner surfaces of the bottle. And it keeps her H2O cold for 24 hours.

The refined cashmere flats are as soft as socks, but have the added style element of ballet flats, so she won't feel shlubby wearing them around the house.

If she's feeling dried out, she likely needs a humidifier. But those generally aren't anything to talk about, design-wise. Enter this one, which is sleek and curvy. It has a removable water tank and an aroma tray, so it doubles as a diffuser. And looks fine doing it. It has a 20-hour run time.

Look, is an air purifier the sexiest gift she'll ever get? Absolutely not. But if she's dealing with congestion, a very common issue pregnant women face, it could make all the difference. It's powerful, really quiet, controlled via an app that lets you set air quality goals, small, and really, truly cute.

Is she a side sleeper? Does she prefer something harder or ultra-soft? Let the experts at Pluto create a dream pillow for her, out of over 35 variations. Each one is made by hand, and designed to cater to her sleep needs.

The holy grail of sleep masks, this one is made of pure mulberry silk, known as the highest quality silk available for purchase. It's lightweight, and gently rests on her face to block out light.

From the guy who brought us hipster brand Band of Outsiders, here's the most divine casual clothing on the planet. These organic cotton socks are soft, bright, happy, and will keep her toes warm during those cold winter nights.

Aromatherapy isn't just a fancy buzzword. It works. So get her this standout diffuser, plus her favorite scents to help her relax and sleep. She uses just 10-20 drops of the essential oil of her choice (we like lavender) to diffuse up to 540 square feet of room, for three hours.

Too often, digital photos appear flat and listless. The Meural solves that problem: Pictures have texture and layers. It's an easy way to document her pregnancy, and the arrival of your baby. It has a 27 inch display, works with Alexa, and lets you upload, crop, and filter photos.

One thing new moms don't have time for: Elaborate grooming rituals. This styler solves that issue. It dries and styles her hair at the same time. But above and beyond that, she gets two styling sets with attachments for specific hair types. So that means she go curly or wavy or straight or somewhere in between. It's like having your own personal hair guru, for a fraction of the cost.

Take a cue from David Beckham: Rings aren’t a one-and-done deal. Without a Beckham-sized budget, however, we love the elegant simplicity of these rose gold stacking rings. The understated hammered bands are an elegant means of showing her that, if given the choice, you’d do it all over again.

If her idea of pure joy is losing herself in a great read, look no further: For $10, she gets access to hundreds of thousands of books and audiobooks, as well as magazines and podcasts. New content is added all the time, and there's no limit to the number of books she can read per month, by authors ranging from Ruth Ware to Alice Hoffman.

Speaking of sleep, this sound machine lets her choose between 16 different sounds and white noise, until she finds something that works. It has two sleep timers and a continuous play option.

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