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Rare Photos of Lilibet Diana's First Birthday Show the Only Good Party Activity for Babies

The Sussexes know how to party.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have kept their kids largely out of the public eye since leaving their roles as working royals. After the birth of their second child, Lilibet Diana, there was only one photo released of their little girl on the Christmas card last year.

But recently some photographs of Lilibet’s first birthday party have been released. And it shows that not only is Lilibet a mini clone of her dad, but the Sussexes know how to party — or at least host a party that kids of all ages would actually like.

Lilibet was in the United Kingdom for the first time this past weekend. And that meant not only was she able to meet her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth for the first time, but she also celebrated her first birthday there.

In attendance was Misan Harriman, a photographer and close friend to Meghan and Harry, who snapped photos of the intimate family and friends party held at the couple’s UK home, Frogmore Cottage.

The rare photos include a portrait of Lilibet wearing a light blue dress, and a black-and-white image of Meghan holding her daughter as she stands next to Misan’s wife, Camilla Holmstroem, and their two daughters.

Lilibet’s first birthday party was pretty low-key, but it also featured the inclusion of one of the only good party activities for babies. Ine of the released photos, it’s clear that while there wasn’t anything extravagant, one key party activity didn’t get missed—face painting!

While Lilibet didn’t have her face painted in the released photos, other babies and kids at the party did.

And, listen, first birthday parties are really for the parents. Kids won’t remember much of anything if anything at all, and any activities are hard to incorporate because kids at that age can’t really do that much.

But face painting is one of those things that kids of every age can enjoy (heck, all you need to do to make it fun afterward is give your kid a mirror,) so finding activities that someone so young will love but older kids who attend as guests can also get excited about is a real win. Face painting is the perfect party activity, even for little kids.

Clearly, Meghan and Harry know how to party. Even if it’s low-key.

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