Everyone is still trying to figure this one out.


Christian Slater Has 'No Idea' Why Chris Evans Tweeted About Him

by Devan McGuinness

Remember a few weeks ago when we were all confused that Chris Evans went viral over an out-of-no-where tweet about actor Christin Slater? We had no idea what was going on, and it turns out, neither did Christian Slater. And that pretty much makes us love the whole situation more.

To catch you up, on July 1, Captain America star Chris Evans shared a random thought on Twitter. “If Christian Slater from 1989 walked into the room, and I had never heard his name before and had to guess what it was just from what he looked like, I would guess ‘Christian Slater,'” he tweeted. There was no context why this popped into his head, and he felt the need to share it. And no follow-up tweet. So, people were confused, surprised, and honestly, delighted.

The tweet went viral, likely because it was so weird. There were thousands of comments from fans mostly agreeing with the observation. Others were simply questioning what was going on. It had also been re-tweeted thousands of times because, honestly, it needed to be seen far and wide. So, when the actual Christian Slater was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, of course, the Chris Evans tweet came up.

On July 22, guest host Anthony Anderson welcomed Christian to the show. He brought up the topic of Christian trending on Twitter earlier in the month. And to our delight, he asked Christian if he knew why Chris tweeted the message.

And Christian was just as confused as all of us were. “You know, I have no idea,” he replied. “That was definitely a surprise. A pleasant one.”

However, while he was wholly confused about the whole situation, there was one positive, aside from the fact that Christian could see how thirsty people are for him. The viral tweet made him cool, at least in the eyes of his hard-to-impress daughter.

“It’s the only time my daughter, who’s 19, has ever been impressed with anything I’ve ever done,” he shared.

We still have no idea what inspired Chris to tweet the message. He’s only tweeted one more time since (to show his support for athlete Sha’Carri Richardson). But to be honest, the fact that we all have no idea why Chris tweeted about Christian Slater makes the story better. So in a strange way, we hope we never find out why.