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Coolest Dads 2019: Anthony Anderson and the New TV Dad

The medium that gave us the doofus dad cliche is now populated with fathers at the absolute top of their game.

Critics seem shocked that the quality of TV has spiked over the last decade. Why? Have they met the people making TV? It’s a murderers’ row of talent out there. The best actors. The best writers. The best showrunners. The best talkers. It’s not that there’s something special about the medium — hell, you can jam it into your laptop or stream in a browser window while answering work emails. It’s that there’s something special about the community of people working in the medium. Good attracts great. Great attracts genius. Genius attracts viewers.

The men on this list are not just talented practitioners of the televisual arts, they are envelope-pushers and visionaries. They are willing to try new things that might not work. The willingness to take risks so publicly is what’s going to make sure that the Golden Age of TV stays golden.