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Billie Lourd's New Baby’s Name Might Sweetly Honor Late Mom Carrie Fisher

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Congratulations are for Billie Lourd, who recently welcomed her second baby! The daughter of the late Star Wars legend, Carrie Fisher, hasn’t released her new baby’s name, but there’s a possibility she’ll honor her mom with her new baby’s name as she did with her older child.

According to E! News, Bryan Lourd, Billie’s dad, shared that Billie and her husband, Austen Rydell welcomed their second baby at a Hollywood event.

"My daughter had a baby last night," he shared while attending Variety’s Dealmakers Breakfast in California. "I left the hospital at 1:30 and got there this morning at 6. So, I'm a little tired but happy. Everything's great. So if I wander, it's because the adrenaline is still flowing."

While we don’t know the name of Billie’s baby, there’s a possibility she will honor her mom in her new baby’s name, as she did with her son, Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell, who is now two years old.

There are a few options on how they may honor her late mother. Whether they decided to use the name “Fisher” for their daughter or perhaps the middle name “Carrie” instead. Or they might choose to be more creative.

In a previous interview with E! News, Billie’s uncle, Todd Fisher, said the family was very moved when she chose to honor her mom in her son’s name.

"I was very touched Billie chose to honor her mother by naming her son Kingston Fisher," he said in 2020. "It was very unexpected. Billie has been known as Billie Lourd her whole life. It is a very loving thing to give that homage back to Carrie."

Earlier this fall, Billie shared that her son was anxious to become a big brother. "He says, ‘Baby out, baby out!' And I'm like, ‘Not yet. It's too soon. It's still cooking, give it time.'"

Billie shared that she was most excited to see her son become a big brother, too. "I'm just so excited for that moment,” she shared. “I mean, he might not be that excited about it."