You Can Now Buy the Massive 43-Inch Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

It's big, but it's also nearly the same one that was in the very first movie.

Credit: LEGO/Lucasfilm

Star Wars Lego sets are sort of a must-have for discerning Reys and Finns. The first spaceship ever on-screen in a Star Wars movie was Princess Leia’s little Rebel blockade runner, the Tantive IV. But, the first spaceship everyone remembers on-screen in Star Wars is the giant Imperial Star Destroyer that was chasing Leia’s ship. In the world of Star Wars, an Imperial Star Destroyer is about 5,200 ft long, but a new LEGO version of the dreaded starship consists of 4,784 pieces and is 43 inches long. Basically, at 3.5 feet-long, this Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Lego set is bigger than your average toddler.

Lego Star Destroyer

Interestingly, though the new LEGO Star Destroyer doesn’t come close to the fictional length of a Star Destroyer in Star Wars (that’s like four Empire State Buildings) this new toy is almost exactly the same size of the very first Star Destroyer used during the filming of Star Wars in 1976. The shooting-model of the first Star Destroyer was about 48 inches, or 4 feet long, and this new LEGO Star Destroyer is also 43 inches and 3.5 feet long. So, this Star Destroyer is almost exactly as big as the first real Star Destroyer IRL!

So, saying this LEGO set is big is kind of an understatement. But now, if you decide to buy it (fork over $699.00!) you can tell your kid that it’s pretty much to scale of what you see in a real Star Wars movie. And yes, the new Star Destroyer comes with a Blockade Runner, too!

LEGO version of Rebel Blockade Runner

Maybe it’s time to make some home movies?

Credit: Lucasfilm

The new LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer will be available for purchase on September 18 for $699.00. You’ll have to become a LEGO VIP to be the first to snag it.