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The Best ‘Star Wars’ Halloween Costumes for Kids, These Are

Make Yoda proud.

As you might have heard, Halloween is almost upon us. Which, of course, means Halloween costumes. And given that we’re moderately obsessed with the upcoming indie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerespecially Kylo Ren’s epic lightsaber, why not merge the two and find the best Star Wars costumes for kids. We predict that we’ll be seeing plenty of Jedis on Oct. 31, so here are the best getups for the intergalactic warriors in your life.

Best Star Wars Costumes for Kids

Any kid dressed as a Jedi warrior is a true Halloween hero.

May the force be with your little Jedi, who’ll be wearing the classic tunic with attached shirt, pants with attached boot-tops, and belt. Lightsaber sold separately, sadly.

Dress your kid up as one of the galaxy's greatest heroes.

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Few Star Wars characters are as inspiring, and hilarious, as Princess Leia. And this costumes includes a dress, printed belt, and her wig.

If your kid is gonna join the Dark Side, he or she might as well rock themselves a proper stormtrooper ensemble like this one.

Kids get the iconic Star Wars stormtrooper costume with a printed jumpsuit that comes with attached boot covers and mask.

While we're at it, get thy kid a mask that changes his or her voice to sound like an imperial stormtrooper.

You put this helmet it, and presto, like magic, you sound like the ultimate enforcer evildoer. Trust us. These things are awesome.

You can also have your kid channel the wookie Chewbacca with this voice-changing mask.

Kids can roar their hearts out and sound like the best friend of Han Solo and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon.

What kid wouldn't want to dress up as the son of a rebel fighter pilot and a rebel commando?

Poe Dameron’s costume includes one-piece flight suit, a chest box with attached hose, detachable belt, and half helmet, so he careen around in his X-wing. 

There are so many reasons to love Rey, a Jakku scavenger who becomes a hero. This costume does her justice.

The Star Wars Rey costume features a jumpsuit with attached sash, detached sleeves, cuff, and belt with pouch.

The complex, tortured Kylo Ren is a dark warrior who commands First Order missions. And isn't this costume as badass as he is?

Kylo Ren doesn’t come to play, kids. He’s got a temper and he’s conflicted about his future. But there’s no doubt that this costume is epic Kylo. His black robe is split in the front and back for ease of movement; the hood goes up or down; and the half mask features black mesh over the eye opening.

If a stormtrooper is not the thing this year, how about an ARF trooper, a specialized clone trooper who served during the Clone Wars.

This ARF trooper costume features a lightweight printed polyester jumpsuit with Velcro closure, as well as a plastic half-mask.

The Star Wars prequels were by no means the best films, but we do have a thing for the indefatigable Queen of Naboo, who later became a senator and an anti-war spokesperson in the Galactic Senate.

Simple yet dramatic, this costume features a jumpsuit with attached boot tops. The blaster is not included, but the shawl and belt are.

No matter where your allegiance lies, kids will never go wrong with a costume that pays tribute to the greatest Jedi master of all time.

Of course the costume includes the legendary Yoda mask. It has nose and mouth holes that help make it somewhat more comfortable to wear. But to quote Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Any kid should aspire to do the right things like Finn, a stormtrooper who, horrified by the Order's cruelty in his first combat mission, joins the Resistance.

FN-2187, otherwise known as Finn, has a costume that includes a top with attached jacket. It looks like the outfit worn by the beloved character.

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