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Aaron Paul’s Name Change Meant His Baby Got A New Name, Too

Introducing the Paul family — for real this time.

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Aaron Paul and his family are now sporting new titles! Weeks after filing paperwork to officially change his name, along with his wife and son, the changes have been approved. Now the family of four is legally known as the Paul family, and their youngest kiddo has a whole new name. Wait, what? Aaron Paul wasn’t really Aaron Paul? And what’s his baby boy’s new name?

Here’s the deal: According to TMZ, the Breaking Bad alum filed paperwork in November seeking a name change for himself and his son, who was born in April. At the same time, Aaron’s wife, Lauren Paul, also petitioned the court for a legal name change for herself. It turns out that Aaron Paul’s real last name was Sturtevant — and his last name that we know him as, Paul, was a stage name. His wife, Lauren, had her surname Parsekian changed to Paul to match the rest of the family.

But they also full on changed their son’s name, too. The couple’s 8-month-old son will now officially be known as Ryden Caspian Paul instead of Casper Emerson Paul, which was reportedly on his birth certificate.

TMZ reports that the court documents claim the parents were required to provide a name for their son while at the hospital following his birth. But in the days following, they settled on a name they preferred — they’re just now making it legally official. It’s not rare for parents to change their baby’s name once they get to know their kiddo — as Kylie Jenner did with her son, formerly known as Wolf. (Whose name we still don’t yet know!)

It’s unclear whether the couple also petitioned to have the name of their daughter, Story Annabelle, changed. However, when she was born in 2018, her surname was already Paul, so we’re guessing the rest of the family is just matching now. And what beautiful names they all have now!

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