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6-Year-Old Wanted Prince George To Cameo At Her Birthday Party & George's Response Is Too Cute

It’s not every day you get official royal mail for your birthday.

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I'm sure we all had that one celebrity we really wished could come to our birthday party when we were kids. Of course, at the time, we didn't understand why that couldn't happen, but that didn't stop us from hoping we could send an invite. Recently, one little kiddo did just that and sent a birthday party invite to her favorite celebrity: Prince George. But, unexpectedly, George responded with the help of his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William. Here's what went down.

According to Hello!, a 6-year-old girl wanted to celebrate her birthday in style. So she asked her mom to send a birthday invitation to 9-year-old Prince George. Of course, the mom probably knew there was no way the young royal would be able to attend. But the birthday girl's mom was still surprised to receive a response from Prince William and Kate.

Surprised, the mom of the anonymous birthday girl shared the Cambridges' response to the birthday invite on Twitter. "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked me to thank you for your letter, in which you invite Prince George to your 6th Birthday party," a letter from the Cambridges read, per Hello!.

The letter then apologized for taking "so long to reply." Adding, "Their Royal Highnesses were extremely grateful for your kind invitation. Having given careful consideration to the possibilities, however, I very much regret that Their Royal Highnesses reluctantly feel they have to decline. Nevertheless, I hope that you enjoyed your birthday."

The message concluded, "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were immensely touched that you should take the trouble to write as you did to their son, Prince George. It really was most thoughtful of you and Their Royal Highnesses have asked me to send you their warmest thanks and best wishes."

It's not surprising that George couldn't attend the birthday party — he is a royal, after all. But the response was probably a fun stand-in for the birthday girl, because it's not every day you receive royal mail.

While Prince George might be the “future king,” he’s still just a typical kid, and we’re sure he would have had a wonderful time at the birthday party if he were able to go.

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