Letters To Boys

An animated illustration of a family dressed as superheroes in blue flying
Jonathan Muroya for Fatherly

Manhood is an uncomfortable, unwieldy mantle for boys first trying it on. This has always been true, but never more so than now. Boys coming of age in an era defined by a rethinking, if not rewriting, of masculine norms can’t be expected to know how to wear their kindness and love, much less their aggression and wildness. With our “Letters to Boys” project, Fatherly offers boys (and the men raising them) guidance in the form of heartfelt advice given generously by great men. This is by no means a definitive guide to the issues boys face, but the letters tackle self-worth, the internet, civic duty, aggression, groupthink, bullying, and masculinity. More importantly, the men behind these letters show us how to take that crucial first step in confronting seemingly unsolvable issues — by offering honest words.