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This Smart Diaper Bag Keeps Devices Charged, Bottles Cold, And Dignity Intact

Do you have a vest and a slightly unkempt fro that says, “I’m put together enough to provide for my kids but cool enough to sip craft beers with my dadbros after we pick them up from daycare?” Then you need to carry your laptop and a 6-pack (of bottles) in the world’s smartest diaper bag, the XLR8 from Baby Boom.

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The bag’s name and features are inspired by the ADD roller derby that is modern parenting, where your daily routine involves rapidly and seamlessly transitioning from carpool driver to conference call taker to bottle feeder to report filer to diaper changer — all while keeping your phone battery charged. The XLR8 is stylish enough to carry to work without embarrassment and functional to match, with 20 storage pockets arranged and designed for every scenario. The XLR8’s large interior pouch holds diapers, wipes, toys, and all the kid’s stuff in a separate compartment from the laptop and tablet pockets. Five smaller pockets corral charging cables, pens, and keys. Insulated side and front pouches keep bottles and food fresh.

The XLR8 also comes with a 7800mAh power bank to keep everything charged, so you can distract your kid with a tablet game while you respond to that client email. It’s also got a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy the hottest new kindie tracks (Kid optional.). And since you’ve packed your entire life into this handsome, comfortable bag, there’s an LED light in there with 50 hours worth of power — roughly how long it might take you to find whatever it was you were looking for.

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