7 Best ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber Toys You Need to Own Right Now

Only the most elegant Jedi weapons for civilized families.

Oct 22 2019, 12:55 PM

Of course, you may have watched all the Star Wars movies in the right order. And sure, you explained the meaning of the Dark Side to your little Jedis. But every good parent knows that Star Wars keeps happening well outside of the movie theater or your streaming service. To do Star Wars is to play Star Wars, and that means you need Star Wars lightsaber toys. Plus, if your kids are playing with other kids who you’d like them to stand six feet away from, lightsaber toys might be great for social distancing.

Since the late ’70s, people have wanted the best toy lightsabers, and we should all feel lucky we don’t live in the late ’70s anymore. Vintage Star Wars junk is, for the most part, rad. But old school lightsaber toys actually suck. The renaissance of the best lightsaber toys and props is exactly right now. Congrats. You live in the best time to buy a more elegant weapon for a more civilized age and then lightsaber-fight with your kid.

But which lightsabers are the best? Which are the worst? Here are six from all different price points, for various ages, all which will make you a true master of the Force.

This lightsaber lets you record your own sounds. Apparently Ewan McGregor made his own lightsaber sounds on the set of The Phantom Menace and had to be told not to. So, yeah, channel your inner Ewan here. This one is great for kids 4 and up.

This is the most realistic lightsaber ever released. This lightsaber is definitely on the pricier side, so keep it away from grubby little hands. It makes realistic movie sounds, has a real metal hilt, and comes with a display stand. It's ideal for older kids and by that, we mean parents.

Jedi masters download the app and hone their battle skills with this lightsaber. And by hone, we mean they learn authentic moves from the films.

The original Kylo Ren saber from 2015 is still pretty formidable. If you want to be the bad guy, it doesn't get any badder than this. It has motion sensor-controlled sound effects.

For those aching to reenact the momentous duel between Luke and Vader, this is the saber you need. It's modeled after the one Luke used in Return of the Jedi, when he embraced his fate as a Jedi warrior.

Rey's lightsaber comes with a connector so it can work with other Bladebuilders. And if you've got a little girl 5 and up, this is literally the best saber you can get her. Classic.

Much like Anakin is torn between his Jedi calling and the Dark Side, so is this lightsaber. Tweens can swap blade colors between blue for Anakin Skywalker and red for Darth Vader, as they toggle between good and bad.

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