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The Best ‘Star Wars’ LEGO Sets Money Can Buy

Every Jedi builder should have these key bricks.

The Force is strong with LEGO Star Wars sets. Star Wars toys first hit store shelves in the mid-1970s. It wasn’t until the release of The Phantom Menace in 1999, however, that Star Wars–themed LEGOs playsets and ships entered the galaxy, changing all of our destinies forever. Be it the big Death Star LEGO set or the cheap LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars sets, the new brick kits allowed kids to build entire scenes from the ever-expanding Star Wars universe. There are so damn many cool LEGO Star Wars toys out there that finding the best ones is more difficult than winning the Battle of Malachor.  

And for parents looking to save some Imperial Credits, we’ve also rounded up the best deals on LEGO Star Wars sets — which by definition include some of the best LEGO sets around. From LEGO Star Wars ships and AT-AP Walkers to Snowspeeders and Sandcrawlers, these are the iconic Star Wars sets that let you re-create epic moments from your favorite scenes. These are the Star Wars LEGOs every young Jedi should own.

The Most Collectible Star Wars Lego Sets

Now you can build the brick model of the Razor Crest starship from the Mandalorian. It has a dual minifigure cockpit, two spring-loaded shooters, a cargo hold with opening sides/access ramps ,and carbonite bounty elements inside, as well as a sleeping area and detachable escape pod.

At last, the legendary, iconic starship from 'Star Wars: A New Hope,' featuring an accessible interior, huge engines, and detachable escape pods. The set includes Bail Organa, Princess Leia, Captain Antilles, C-3PO, and a Rebel Fleet Trooper, plus an R2-D2 droid figure.

Thanks to Kylo Ren's dope TIE fighter craft, this is one of the greatest LEGO sets from 'The Last Jedi.' Sure, he killed his dad. And yes, he's a wee bit conflicted about his future in the Evil Empire. But one thing Kylo Ren has on lockdown: The coolest ship in the galaxy. It has trigger-activated spring-loaded shooters, of course.

This is, without question, one of the most notable ships in the entire Star Wars galaxy. This one, based on the design in 'Solo: A Star Wars’ story, is equipped with two spring-loaded shooters and four minifigs, including a young Han Solo.

Another iconic ship, Poe's X-wing fighter has four spring-loaded shooters and opening wings. But then there's a lot to like about Poe Dameron's X-wing fighter from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' from its visually striking black-and-orange color scheme to its retractable landing gear. Comes with a Poe minifig to pilot the ship.

With the Snowspeeder and speeder bike built and ready to go, nothing can keep kids from loading their disc shooters and rushing to the defense of Echo Base. This set, which comes with Star Wars Rebel pilot hero Wedge Antilles and a Snowtrooper minifigures, is the perfect intro for preschoolers, to both Lego and the pantheon of Star Wars heroes and villains.

One of the most memorable moments in all of 'Star Wars' comes at the end of 'Episode III Revenge of the Sith,' when Emperor Palpatine takes an almost dead Anakin Skywalker and entombs him in the black life support suit that marks the birth of Darth Vader, the strong-arm of the galactic empire. This set comes with everything you need to capture that scene in Lego: the Imperial shuttle, a battle-scarred Anakin, Emperor Palpatine, a medical droid, and clone pilot. The ship's top opens up too, perfect for a good view of Anakin's tragic transformation.

What's awesome about this ship is that its menacing look reflects the dark tone of 'Rogue One' — arguably the darkest entry of the franchise. The LEGO TIE Striker features large adjustable wings, a front-and-back opening cockpit, and comes with four minifigs: TIE pilot, Imperial ground crew, Imperial shore trooper, and a rebel trooper.

This isn't the most complex Lego set. Nor is it the fanciest. But it's one very iconic ship from the Clone Stars, featuring an opening cockpit, retractable landing gear and firing stud shooters. This set features a clip for Anakin's Lightsaber, a hidden compartment for extra ammunition, a space for the R2-D2 droid and wing-mounted stud shooters.

No reason to buy a full-price Landspeeder for a young Jedi still learning to navigate the Tatooine desert. This discounted Landspeeder has space for Luke and C-3PO to race across the sands together. Includes Luke's blaster rifle, macrobinoculars and a constructable cave hideout for the armed Jawa minifigure.

With this killer set, kids can re-create epic battle scenes from 'Star Wars: Episode VIII, The Last Jedi' or galactic battles of their own. Based on the design from 'The Last Jedi' (and not from the greatest Star Wars movie ever, 'The Empire Strikes Back'), this imposing 1,300-piece All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) Heavy Assault Walker features detailed armored plating, posable legs and head, a storage compartment, and rapid-fire stud shooters.

This is the infamous bounty hunter's iconic ship from the original films and 'The Clone Wars' trilogy. It measures 7-inches high, 17-inches long, and 14-inches wide, and has two different modes for landing and flying. In landing mode, the cockpit rotates and the wings fold down to simulate hovering. Naturally, it comes with Boba Fett and a carbonite-encased Han Solo from the end of 'Empire Strikes Back'. One thing to note: It takes seven hours to build, so plan your life accordingly.

The Best Deals on Star Wars Lego Sets

'The Empire Strikes Back' spends a lot of time on Hoth, the icy planet that's the site of one of the franchise's greatest battles. Recreate it with an AT-AT Imperial Walker, Echo base, five minifigures, and weapons that actually fire. The coolest part of this set are the color-coded targets. Hit them with the included artillery and spring-loaded minifigures will be launched into the air. If your kids tend to get bored of their Lego sets once they're done building, this set is a great choice.

Even young kids can build this set quickly and get to battling ASAP. Whether they join the fight as a Skyhopper pilot aboard his T-16 or a Tusken Raider charging into battle atop his wooly Bantha, there's near-instant gratification to be had.

It's not every day you can get a good deal on a death cannon. Kids 7 and older can build a tractor beam control tower for Obi-Wan Kenobi to disarm, and the laser cannon (spring-loaded to fire actual missiles) manned by a Death Star mini-gunner.

This affordable set allows budding Jedi knights to reenact those iconic Anakin versus Obi-Wan battles on the planet Mustafar. It's highly detailed and features rotating platforms to re-create the epic lightsaber duel. It's great for kids 7 and up.

Kids create their very own forest moon of Endor set, which includes an Imperial speeder bike, buildable tree, and even Wicket the Ewok minifigure and a Scout Trooper minifigure. They can load shooters and hit actual targets with this set, intended for builders 7 and up.

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