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17 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Wife Will Love

A little bit of thought goes a long way.

Buying a romantic gift for her for Valentine’s Day only gets more difficult as time passes. But the difficulty in finding a truly unique romantic gift for your wife is all the more reason to do it: A gift that demonstrates real appreciation and sustained attraction can do wonders for a relationship and make Valentine’s Day feel actually special.

The goal is to find an unexpected gift — one that triggers a feeling as similar as possible to the initial thrill she got from the idea that you wanted her. What’s required is a little creativity and a little risk-taking (also, a semi-decent wrapping job). The gifts below are, in essence, tribute. And that’s entirely the point. If you wouldn’t leave it as an offering at a large but tasteful shrine to your wife or partner’s best qualities, it’s just not romantic enough to make the cut.

Diamonds don't get much more affordable than this. The single diamond and elegant chain make it stunning enough for formal occasions but understated enough to wear daily.

Stripper lingerie is a hard pass. Opt for this instead. It's made from soft cotton. It's flattering. It's quietly lovely. It shows that you see her, appreciate her, and love her as she is.

This dewy, sheer fragranced oil is more subtle than perfume, and gives her a glorious understated glow. There's no better feeling post-shower than spritzing on a delicate scent that also makes her skin soft and her hair shiny. And since no one is going on much of a vacation this year, bring it to her with this heady blend of jasmine, edelweiss flower, lychee, and sandalwood that's like a tropical outing in a beautiful bottle.

Forget everything you know about house shoes. These plush cashmere ballet flats caress her feet and are so supple she'll never take them off.

It's nigh impossible to make handwashing sexy. And yet here we are. This dazzling set includes a gentle orange-scented cleanser and vanilla hand cream to keep her digits soft and supple. And look like a million bucks in her bathroom.

Show her you love her with a style she'll actually want to wear. If you look closely at this trendy chain link necklace, you'll notice an L and an O on the left side, a V in the center, and an E at the bottom.

There's nothing more luxurious, or romantic, than a glorious night of sleep. This silk pillowcase is cool the touch, keeps her hair from frizzing, and is breathable and can be used year-around. In other words, it's perfect.

Chocolate contains two chemicals it contains that contribute to its reputation as an aphrodisiac, and one of them, tryptophan, is involved in sexual arousal. Each month, she gets three small-batch, organic dark chocolate bars from Raaka Chocolate sent right to her door. She can enjoy it alone. Or together.

Get her a monthly subscription of flowers, from a brand that sources blooms directly from growers. Each month, she'll get a lush bouquet of seasonal flowers, including roses, stocks and hydrangeas.

300 scented votives. But what she does appreciate is a functional and stylish water-repellant bag that makes her life easier and more manageable. It has plenty of interior pockets designed to store snacks, shoes and multiple wardrobe changes, and a central zip divider with a mesh top to air things out. " price="145"]

Is this something she can't live without? Not at all. But does it make a glass of wine taste that much better? Yes, yes it does. It purifies wine by removing sulfites and chills the wine by 10 degrees in minutes. So grab a bottle of Sancerre, pour a glass for her, and have a nightcap once the kids are in bed.

A conversation starter that isn't just a conversation starter. The couple that plays together stays together — not because toys make a difference, but because communication does. This vibrators is made from silicone, has a run time of 2.5 hours, and is water-resistant. It has three speeds, and comes in a chic canvas travel pouch. This set includes an organic lubricant and a 10 pack of ultra-thin lubricated latex condoms. Go forth and enjoy.

Get sentimental with this remarkably un-tacky heart locket, which allows her to keep a photo of her loved ones close to her heart.

Not only is this succulent ridiculously easy to care for, needing little more than sunshine and a little water. But it's also a symbol of loyalty and endurance, of that one person who is always there for you.

As SNL so astutely pointed out, a bathrobe is pretty much the worst gift you can give her. Opt for this instead, and who knows where the evening might take you. The set includes a lace eye mask, delicate wrist ties and a drawstring bag. So get a sitter, light a candle, and the night is yours;.

Set the mood with this luxurious ceramic diffuser, which on its own looks like a design piece that belongs in the bedroom. But add 10 - 20 drops of the essential oil of your choice, such as the delicately floral ylang ylang, and you're in a totally different headspace. It works continuously for 3 hours.

When she fires up the diffuser, give her some much-needed alone time in the bath. And this acacia wood caddy elevates any soak. It's got room for a candle, a bath oil, and a book. In other words, everything she needs to zen out.

If she's not much of a bath person, you can still elevate her daily bathing routine with this set of essential oil-infused shower steamers. You place half on the shower floor and let the seam activate their scent.

A cuff for her wrist is a solid addition to her jewelry repertoire. This one is quietly beautiful. It's strong. It's elegant and refined. Like her. And of course, because it screws on at the end, you have to put it on her.

With its understated yet earthy coconut scent, this naturally hydrating oil can be used all over. As a body oil. Or a massage oil.

Let legendary scribes Charlotte Brontë, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, John Keats, and Virginia Woolf share their timeless words of love on these hand-screened cotton voile napkins. Yours, for ever.

Imagine making snow angels with her, and then warming up with a hot toddy. Now imagine that in bottle form. Tom Ford's fragrance is a delicious blend of fresh bergamot and warm musk. It's like the best of winter, in a stunning bottle.

For an impromptu alfresco champagne brunch: The chiller in this set secures the bottle in place, so nothing falls out, and keeps the bubbly cold for hours. And hours.

These aren't your grandmother's pearl earrings. Instead of perfectly smooth spheres, these oblong freshwater pearls take on an organic shape, giving them a fresh, modern look. The hoops are silver sterling plated with have a thick layer of 18k gold, keeping the quality up and the price down.

Okay so fridge magnets don't usually bring to mind big romantic gestures, but giving her a way to see all of her favorite memories every day is pretty likely to be a hit. Inkifi takes photos right from your Instagram, desktop, or phone, and prints them on laminated magnet tiles.

A weighted blanket can feel calming and soothing. But generally, they're not all that cozy. Meet the magical blend of the two: Soft and breathable, this GOTS-certified organic cotton weighted blanket feels like a warm hug that lasts and lasts.

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