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Best Water Bottles for Kids

These BPA-free water bottles are perfect for any activity.

Kids need to drink water to stay hydrated and that’s why they need water bottles.

Proper hydration is important, but disposable bottles are both pricey and abysmal from an environmental point of view. So to make sure your kids have enough water for everything from epic playground sessions to organized sports, a kid-friendly water bottle is a must. Unfortunately for parents, most regular water bottles can be a little cumbersome for spill-prone kids.

But after a little digging, we found a few bottles that are simply perfect for kids. Each one is easy to carry and drink from. There are insulated water bottles, which keep drinks cold longer, and plastic water bottles, which are lighter and easier for kids to handle. And of course, we looked for ones that were as leak-proof as possible, because you don’t need the drama of a soaked backpack.

Additionally, we only looked at bottles that were void of BPA, a chemical that’s commonly used to harden plastic and that the FDA says could lead to complications in humans. These are the bottles that will keep your kid safe, dry, and, most importantly, hydrated.

This 12-ounce bottle features the double wall vacuum insulation Thermos is known for. The company says its stainless steel construction can keep beverages cold or hot for up to 12 hours.

Pros: With the press of a button, the lid flips up to reveal a reusable straw that fits through an insulating interior cap. It’s easy for kids to snap the lid back down, where it will stay securely, preventing any accidental spills. The Funtainer is also available decorated with various characters, including My Little Pony and R2D2.

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Cons: The lid, while effective, is a pain to disassemble and clean, as hand washing is recommended over a dishwasher. The straw will eventually wear out, risking leaks, so it’s not a bad idea to stock up on some extras before you need them.

Whether your tyke plays sports or not, this bottle pretty much fits the bill. First to note: it’s made of durable steel, so no matter what drops, dings, or mishaps happen, it’ll be good to go for quite a while. Of course, per our criteria, both the body of the bottle and the polypropylene cap are totally BPA-free. Sport or no sport, it’s one of the best kids’ water bottles out there.

Pros: Where to start? The large lid, about 1.75 inches in diameter, is wide enough to fit ice cubes and the cap is narrow enough for kids to drink from without making a mess. The electropolished interior is guaranteed not to absorb or impart any unpleasant flavors, and the stainless steel is thick enough to last a lifetime. It can keep iced drinks cold for up to 100 hours and warm drinks hot for 30.

Cons: The cap can be difficult to take off completely, so expect to do a fair bit of refilling yourself.

This is an absolutely brilliant water bottle that will help you replace sugary fruit juices with fruit-infused water. And it's so pretty, as well.

Pros: It’s slip-proof, leak-proof and made from impact-resistant Tritan materials. It holds whatever flavor you infuse it with like a champ, and is insanely easy to use.

Cons: It has quite a few parts to put together and clean.

Coming in an array of fun colors and made of BPA-free plastic, Contigo's Gizmo line of water bottles is an excellent choice for hikes, sports, and more. They're totally safe to put in the dishwasher, and your kid will get a kick out of the pop-out button to get the straw.

Pros: An “autospout” straw lid guards against spills, and the protective spout cover guards again bacteria and other germs in case of wayward sneezes. The straw is tethered as well, making it easier to keep every component together through travel.

Cons: It’s not built for hot liquids, so you’ll need to find something else to hold the hot chocolate you send your kid out with on snow days.

The Hydro Flask is one of the most secure small water bottles out there. They not only come in a variety of colors; each option has a fun two-toned paint job. It’s well insulated for all sorts of beverages.

Pros: Start with the grip: the Hydro Flask has a powder coat that makes it easy for even the littlest kid to grasp. The double-walled, insulated steel promises to keep cold beverages that way for up to 24 hours, and the lifetime warranty it comes with promises to keep it in your kid’s bottle rotation for a long time.

Cons: This one’s also not for hot beverages.

The masters of hydration have done it again. Their kid-focused eddy water bottles are so fun-looking and colorful we kind of want one ourselves. The pattern will be the envy of the playground, and the spill-proof, easy-to-sip design lets you hand it off to your child worry-free.

Pros: The signature CamelPak Big Bite Valve is probably the best feature here, allowing a kid to bite down on the straw to get the water, an easy-to-use mechanism that helps eliminate spills. Every part of this bottle is dishwasher-friendly and easy to (dis)assemble. The integrated loop handle makes it easy for kids to carry this bottle everywhere.

Cons: It needs to be washed consistently, particularly in the area around the straw, as it can succumb to mildew and mold.

The Polar is a simple and budget-friendly bottle. Fully insulated and made from completely BPA-free plastic, it’s a lightweight bottle that's built for action and comes in a series of awesome designs.

Pros: The wide mouth features plenty of room for ice, and it’s double-insulated to keep heat in and cold out — so your kid has a cold drink for hours and hours even in the summer heat. It also has foil layers that reflect the sun for additional temp protection. Did we mention it’s $10?

Cons: Keep it upright — this puppy can leak if laid on its side for too long.

The term “minimalism” might not be in your child’s mind, but they’ll definitely appreciate the understated simplicity of this bottle. It’s totally clear, has a very cute waterdrop shape, and is made from completely BPA-free materials.

Pros: We mostly love it for its simplicity, but there are a couple of other perks to this bottle. It’s nice and thick walls trap both heat and cold, and the cap has a neat little carry strap so your kid can attach it to their backpack or lunchbox.

Cons: There’s no straw, so your kid’ll have to unscrew the cap and tip it up to drink. It’s fine for older kids, but with young ones you should be prepared to have a spill every once in a while.

S'well's water bottle features triple-walled construction, meaning it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours. It's made from from premium grade, BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel, and is wide enough for little hands to hold.

Pros: This water bottle is better-suited for older kids, who won’t be puzzled by the screw-on top. It’s condensation-free, meaning that the exterior will remain dry, and the size is great for carrying around in backpacks. 

Cons: The cap can be a pain for kids to screw on and off.

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