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The Best Facial Scrubbing Brushes For Keeping Your Mug Fresh

Fight pimples and face filth with these five scrubbers.

Exfoliating is important. Your body is covered in trillions of skin cells and when those skin cells die, they need to be removed or else they’ll block pores, causing irritation, in-grown hairs, and pimples. It’s important to scrub at all ages but the bi-weekly routine of scrubbing this dead skin away becomes more so as you age: According to dermatologist Dr. Caroline Chang, when we’re younger, our body naturally exfoliates; over time those dead skin cells just don’t slough off as easily. Translation: If you want to look your best, you have to do it.

Now, you could use a loofah, wash cloth, or any number of other products for to banish those skin cells from you face. But for our money, a facial cleansing brush is the best option. Why? The electric tool, which has a round brush head and sort of looks like a mini orbital sander for your face, is easy to use (just add whatever exfoliating scrub you like to the top) and leaves our faces feeling buffed to a high shine. Sounds weird, but it’s pretty nice. Here, then, with assistance from Dr. Chang’s, are five exfoliating brushes to try out.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit Men’s Face Brush

This waterproof scrubber spins out 300 micro massage movements every second and uses the water beading up on its bristles to flush your pore clean. “I love the Clarisonic brush,” says Dr. Chang. “It makes exfoliating fun, which encourages people to do it. The standard brush head is very gentle, so be cautious on overuse if you have sensitive skin, are using other exfoliating products —such as glycolic acid — or are generally prone to redness.”

Buy Now $219

Foreo Luna Go

The Luna, with its patented T-Sonic pulsation technology, claims to remove 99.5% of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from your pores. In addition, the Luna features an “Anti-Aging Mode” that uses target low-frequency pulses to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s great at exfoliation and is an excellent device to use if you shave regularly. “Shaving can definitely irritate the skin,” says Dr. Chang. “Using a gentle exfoliator like this one in the general ‘beard area’ is a good idea to prevent blocked pores, and make your skin look better.”

Buy Now $99

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Clinique Sonic System Deep Cleaning Brush

This brush can crank out more than 9,000 sonic vibrations each minute. Its conveniently tilted head features two sets of bristles: the light ones are specifically designed for cheeks, while the firm, darker ones are tapered to deep clean pores.

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Proactiv Charcoal Bristle Pore Cleansing Brush

This super soft face sander features a 360-degree rotating head with hundreds of charcoal-infused whiskers and a dual-speed motor that removes almost all of the impurities living in your face. “Gentle exfoliating is an important step toward clear skin,” says Dr. Chang. “This product is geared toward acne-prone skin, specifically the buildup of oils and dead skin cells, which are the root causes of acne.”

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