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The Best Pregnant Couple Halloween Costumes

Think of that bump as an accessory.

If Halloween falls during you or your spouse’s third trimester, you could decide to skip the festivities, stay at home, and binge classic Treehouse of Horror episodes of The Simpsons. Or, you could lean into the situation and celebrate together while wearing matching funny pregnant couple Halloween costumes. Trick-or-treating might be out of the question for someone that close to having a kid—walking isn’t exactly fun at that point—but you can still show off your brilliant pregnant couple costumes at other Halloween festivities.

The best pregnant costume ideas pay homage to her pregnancy by incorporating it into a festive ensemble in fresh and unexpected ways. We’ve rounded up the best pregnant Halloween ideas for couples, whether you’d rather buy something readymade or make the most of stuff that’s already around the house.

The Best Pregnant Couple Halloween Costumes You Can Buy

So. Many. Puns. Prego is a pasta sauce. It also means you are welcome in Italian. He's a chef, with an apron, a white toque chef's hat, and a necklace of spaghetti and meatballs, while she's, well, prego tomato sauce in her apron. We'd call it a dad joke come to life, but it's more of a dad-to-be joke.

Pregnancy cravings for the win. She's the pickle, he's the ice cream. The pickle is loose enough that she can wear it comfortably all night.

She's the jelly, in a tunic that fits over her... belly. And he's the peanut butter. Or vice versa. Because this one is for couples who go together like peanut butter and jelly. Since this costume isn't maternity per se, it's best to get it if her belly is still on the smaller side.

Food is a big theme here; hence, the milk and cookies. The pregnant person the cookie, which is apparently dipped in their spouse's, uh, milk. At any rate, this ensemble is cute, easy to wear, and actually makes us somewhat hungry. The loose tunic goes on right over the pregnant person's shirt for maximum comfort.

Um, he's a chef, and she's got a bun in her oven — get it? Is this the most groundbreaking costume? Nope. But a secret of standup and Halloween alike is that repetition plus variation equals comedy gold. It's a tried-and-true favorite, and best of all, it's comfortable: She wears an oven-shaped tunic over whatever she wants to put on underneath.

The Best Pregnant-Couple Halloween Costumes You Can Make

May the Force Be With You

Sometimes, the best pregnant couple Halloween costumes are just couples costumes plus one (or Obi One). It’s exciting to induct your child into Star Wars fandom long before they’re old enough to choose for themselves. A Princess Leia signature tunic for her, and any old dark vest, plus a Nerf blaster, for him, and…  May the Force Be With You.

Bump Ahead

All Halloween costumes tend to skew scary or funny, but when it comes to family costumes, there’s a special synergy between the themed Halloween costume and the pun, the cornier the better. This one harnesses the full power of the pun using a few light props — all you need is a pair of orange hardhats, yellow safety vests, and a homemade sign.

Marge and Homer

All you need is a Homer mask and a Marge wig, and whatever’s stretchy and comfortable in your closet to pay homage to the Simpsons — or just dress as yourselves, but in reverse.

Love and Basketball

The best pregnant couple Halloween costumes combine cleverness and realness — puns and old favorites are great, but if you can incorporate impending baby news, that big belly, and your aspirational professional sports career, you’ve won the game.

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