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The Best Pregnancy Pillows So She Can Get Some Damn Sleep

The right amount of support can help her sleep better.

The Best pregnancy and maternity pillows can make the difference between an endless, excruciating search for a comfortable sleep position, and an actual restful night of shuteye. One of the most frustrating things about being pregnant is that as the months progress and the exhaustion increases, many women find that getting a good night’s sleep becomes harder and harder. (A few culprits include heartburn, muscle aches, anxiety-triggered insomnia and, of course, that growing belly.) Pregnancy pillows, saviors to pregnant women everywhere, offer just the right amount of support for a peaceful night’s rest. 

The American Pregnancy Association advises pregnant women to sleep on their sides. They even have a handy acronym: SOS (sleep on side). The left side is the ideal side to sleep on, as it increases the blood flow (and therefore nutrients) to the placenta. Pregnancy pillows can make that adjustment go smoothly and more comfortably.

But sleep is an elusive bedfellow, so these are a few handy tips:

  • She should keep her legs and knees bent, and put a pillow between the legs.
  • If back pain is an issue, sleep on your side and put a pillow under the stomach for some relief.
  • If heartburn is a problem, propping the upper body with pillows can provide some relief.

There’s a wide range of pregnancy pillows out there—some are small and simple, others are body pillows so large they might necessitate a bigger bed. Different maternity pillows offer differing levels of support and a number of uses during and after pregnancy. These are some of the best pregnancy pillows to help her get comfortable.

This behemoth is a standout because it can help provide equal support for both the back and belly at the same time. Although some couples might be put off by this u-shaped pregnancy pillow's massive size, consider that it can help replace the need for multiple pillows that need constant readjustment. And if you're the type who turns over a lot while you sleep, the symmetrical Snoogle offers support from both sides. Women also used it to offer support after a Caesarean birth and to assist while breastfeeding in bed. Leacho also makes the popular Snoogle maternity pillow, which has more of a hook shape.

This is the queen of pregnancy body pillows, providing support to just about every needy body part. It's similar to the Leacho, but comes with a detachable piece than can be used as its own full body pillow, attacked to the main pillow for additional back or belly support, or removed completely to allow for more space in bed. It's great for women dealing with lower back pain.

More streamlined than other maternity body pillows, this two-part cushion helps give a physical reminder to sleep on one side. It has two connected cushions separated by a piece of fabric: One cradles the back while the other supports the front. Some women also position it between their knees, for reading or sitting up in bed.

This pillow, which conforms to the body, supports the lower back, hips, and belly. You use to elevate the upper or lower body, and it helps with neutral positioning. You position yourself on the side, and use the pillow to elevate the body part you want until you find a comfortable sleeping position.

Maybe a full body pillow makes her feel too warm at night, or maybe she's looking for a pregnancy pillow that works for travel to make hotel beds a bit more bearable. A supportive wedge like this one can work in a variety of ways: Slipped behind the back, tucked between the knees or placed under the belly. The cover is made from a soft jersey fabric and can be removed and machine-washed.

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